Final Fantasy VII Remake No Demo But Here Is To News

This week was interesting for Final Fantasy VII Remake fans as we learned the game is entering production as they are hiring for more spots on team. At the same time we learn that the first part of the game (we assume as they said it will be in parts) will drop in 3 years.  Which makes you wonder what is left for them to show at E3 2017.

Oh they have much as still have questions. First how will they split the game. So far splitting the game is all but confirmed so it would help if we knew how they were split. Is all going to be in Midgard  or will the first part add a little more.

Second we need to hear more about gameplay.  The PSX 2015 trailer had us all hyped as we saw Barret and Cloud holding their own against low level Shinra fighters. But with the new screenshots and Nomura talking about some new things the active bar can be used for as opposed to just Limit Breaks we need some more info to clarify things.

Lastly this might not happen as the rumor schedule had Nomura and developers talking about the game but how is returning from Advent Children. We already know Cloud voice actor is reprising s role but then again he has done Cloud when ever he has appeared. I am expecting him to Cloud in Dissidia when it hits our shores. We might not hear this at E3 but maybe this year PSX as a little thing to do with a new trailer showing Steve as well as the voice actor for Barret and the new ones such as for the rest of Avalanche. Will the guys who voiced Jiraiya from Naruto David Lodge be Narrator in the game if t has one?  But what about you guys? What do you expect to hear at E3? Let me know?

As always thank you for reading.


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