Final Fantasy VII Remake Demo to Be Or Not To be

Final Fantasy VII Remake has been discussed here before. But this is different in regards to me being wrong and we do get a demo this year. The demo is in talks as we want FF7R to have a presence in more than just word but before we really get into it lets recap.

Square Enix has taken over development of the game from Cyberconnection2 who were working on the game with them through a partnership. At the same time they are hiring through business 1 the team developing the game. They hiring for 6 positions Naoki the director from Mobius Final Fantasy taking over development under Tetsuya direction.

Now because of this I am thinking we won’t get a demo this year but again lets say I am wrong. Lets look at E3 2017. With the work being shift the demo can be there but with Tetsuya I imagine saying that it doesn’t fully represent the finally game. Something he might say as he wasn’t really thrilled with the trailers shown of the game that many have loved. I say not representing as if it is there it might be the work they got from working with Cyberconnection2 and thus  not up to Tetsuya standards.

PSX was where we saw the game play style and many were happy with it. Between now and then they might have enough time to come up with a demo. If they do it will put some fans at ease in regards to how long the game development will take.  Instead of the lower part of the 3 year statement that many went with when they announced their fiscal year plan. This has ben due to the time Kingdom Hearts 3 and Final Fantasy XV took to complete as well as the changes FFXV went through.

But lets say they pull off something such as a short demo for E3. That would not only make them happy but show how Square Enix can deliver not just their way but on time. By this we are talking about something short not FFXV demo size which might be the first thing to come to mind.  But let me know what you think?

As always thank you for reading.


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