Dragon Quest XI New Screenshots Of Hot Blood

Dragon Quest XI has the ladies taking center stage as Senya and Veronica gets new images. We get more details about the to such as Veronica feelings being treated like a child when she is pretty mature as well as Senya unreliability  which only angers her partner. Check that out and more.



Dragon Quest XIA genius girl who uses powerful attack spells. A tomboy who knows no fear, she won’t flinch in a fight no matter whether her opponent is an adult or a monster. Despite her appearance, she is mature and very much hates being treated like a child.

Dragon Quest XI—A fearless genius who uses powerful attack spells!

Veronica contributes to battles as an attacker equipped with various attack spells. Weapons she can equip include two-handed staffs and whips. In addition to being able to increase the power of specialty spells with two-handed staffs, she also specializes in unleashing strong blows to groups of enemies with a whip.

—Veronica Spell: “Kafrizz”

Dragon Quest XIDragon Quest XI—Two-Handed Staff Weapon Special Skill: “Berserk Magic Circle””

Dragon Quest XI—Whip Weapon Special Skill: “Extreme Dragon Strike”

Dragon Quest XISenya

Dragon Quest XIA healer that supports the party with recovery spells. She has a kind-hearted and gentle personality, but can also be somewhat unreliable and always makes her travel companion Veronica impatient.

Dragon Quest XI—An easygoing healer that supports the party with recovery spells!

Senya specializes in recovery spells and is responsible for healing the party. Weapons she can equip include sticks and spears. Senya can contribute to battles in a variety of ways. For example, equip a stick to further enhance her ability to protect her allies, or wield a spear to take on the role of an attacker.

—Senya Spell: “Multiheal”

Dragon Quest XI—Spear Weapon Special Skill: “Flash Strike”

Dragon Quest XI—Senya Spell: “Kaswoosh”

Dragon Quest XI—Stick Weapon Special Skill: “Holy Light”

Dragon Quest XI■ World

Homura Village

A village blessed by a volcano.

Dragon Quest XIA village lined with Japanese-style buildings at the foot of Hinonogi Volcano. People live sturdily under the leadership of a shrine maiden. Blessed by the volcano, the village thrives in iron manufacture and smithing, and also has a steam bath house.

—Lined with Japanese-style buildings, smoke rises in Homura village from the blacksmith workshops. The shrine where the shrine maiden lives stands in the back of the village.

Dragon Quest XIDragon Quest XI

Article: http://gematsu.com/2017/06/dragon-quest-xi-details-veronica-senya-homura-village

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