Vietnam Makes Its Own Umbrella Corp

Okay there is a logo in Vietnam for a company that specialty is skin. The reason why this might interest you is because the logo they use is right out of Resident Evil. You see they use the umbrella corp logo.

Now some people think this might be stunt with the movies and game series being as big as they are you can see why and thus they think they are being paid for this. Now I should point out the company has been notified and has released a statement commenting on the manner.

The statement doesn’t help as it makes them sound they had no idea something that many may find hard to believe. A fact that is hard to take in when given the franchise known fame. I will post the statement below as we wait to see where this leads to.  Honest mistake or marketing plow? You decided.

“Dear Clients and Partners of Medcare Skin Centre and others of concern;In the last few days, we have received feedback from the media and community that our logo resembles that of a fictional corporation (Umbrella Corporation) in the movie and game Resident Evil. We are very surprised to receive such feedback from the community.

We are very sorry the situation has occurred and are working internally to find the best solution quickly. Our team is highly specialized in taking care of skin conditions for our clients and logo design is completely out of our specialty and was consulted and completed for us by a hired third-party. We understand the urgency of the situation; working to quickly to provide appropriate answer to our clients, partners, community and to the movie and game producers and copyright holders of the artwork. We hope for your understanding that the situation is not an intentional infringement of copyright by Medcare Skin Centre.

We will continually update our progress on the website and social media presence. Once again, we are very sorry and look forward to your understanding and support.”


As always thank you for reading.


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