Dragon Quest XI More On Sylvia

Today we get more news on Dragon Quest XI. Particular we are looking at Sylvia the singer who joins the group with nothing more than a smile and whip. He seems in the middle as far as RPG characters go with balance on strength and magic. You can check his image in V Jump as well as hi abilities below.

  • A dance skill. Heals all party members with a dance that brings out energy in everyone.


  • Miracle Slash: A single-handed sword skill. Damages enemy while recovering own HP.


  • Killer Juggling: An acrobatic skill. Throws a ball to damage all enemies.


  • Love Whip: A whip skill. Deals collective damage using a splendid whip.


  • Oomph: Sylvia’s spell. Increases an ally’s attack power.


  • Viper Fang: An explorer skill. Attacks a single target, occasionally inflicting a poison status effect.


As always thank you for reading.

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