Super Street Fighter 5 Sagat Is A Must

It is true we have covered the idea of a Super Street Fighter 5. Fans are demanding it saying it recharge SFV. The one thing I notice is that use fans want more V triggers, skills and critical arts along rebalance. But the demand for characters do not change. As noted as Event high lights what they think a Super Street V would need and they list the usual and that is when I noticed something.

One of the must for the revamped version is Sagat the first boss of the series. His absence might have been as much as a mistake as Akumas. Sagat is interesting as he is not shown at all. While the rest of the list of character in demand are those we have been teased through out SFV story such as Sakura, Oro and C Viper. Sagat is one of three that are not shown or mentioned as well as from the old generation Necro and Q are also requested but that is because we are slowly entering SF3 story arc and those two were well beloved.

But many were not happy with Sagat being MIA from SFV so that brings up the question. Does it have to be Sagat or no sale for you or is there some wiggle room? Let me know as we see what else this season has to offer.

A relaunch would appeal more to casuals

Though hardcore fans make up the strongest following for fighting games, we have to acknowledge that these titles simply cannot exist on this audience alone. There needs to be an appeal to the casual crowd too.

For Street Fighter 5, I don’t feel the way the game was launched did much for the casual crowd. The game’s story mode wouldn’t be released until later and to this day there is still no arcade mode.

Instead, upon the game’s release, we started out with story prologues, survival mode, local versus mode, training mode, trials, and online multiplayer modes. Simply put, this isn’t enough for the casual audience.

I get the sense that a lot of people who purchased Street Fighter 5 on day one never actually knew a story mode was eventually released for the game. Many may have never experienced it.

Additional game modes like an arcade mode is an absolute must if a Super Street Fighter 5 were to be released. Billing the game as “Super Street Fighter 5” and packaging the game’s current modes along with a handful of new ones could reinvigorate interest for the casual market.

Reduction of input lag

It’s no secret to many of the hardcore fans that the game currently suffers from about 6.2 frames of input lag. This isn’t a very popular “theme” among the Street Fighter community.

Fans and professional players alike have been asking, almost pleading, for Capcom to reduce the amount of input lag. Last we heard, Capcom has no plans to reduce the game’s input lag.

Whether the heavy input lag was an intentional design choice seems to be unknown. We have heard reports that say the lag was put in to better simulate online play, while others claim the lag was unintentional.

The general consensus among the fighting game community seems to be in favor of a further lag reduction. The people that are not happy with the delay have been very vocal regarding their desire to see it reduced.

Considering the fact that the more casual crowd is mostly unaffected by the input lag, making another reduction would greatly appease the competitive scene and make the community leaps and bounds happier with the state of the game.

Improved server performance

So depending on who you ask, you’ll get very differing opinions on how the servers are currently holding up after the CFN update.

One set of people will tell you that the game plays perfect online now. The other set might have a few horror stories to share with you about their experiences.

This experience should be a little more consistent with everyone, assuming the players have a good internet connection. There shouldn’t be so much disparity here.

It’d also be nice if the game’s online features weren’t down as often as they are due to server maintenance. Street Fighter 5 is kind of legendary in regards to how often its online services are unavailable.

Luckily, it seems as though Capcom is already working towards further improving their servers. It was recently announced that they are teaming up with Bandai Namco for such a purpose.

More characters, new mechanics, and rebalance the cast

Street Fighter 5’s latest season is devoid of fan-favorite legacy characters. Short of Akuma, who released back in December at the very start of the season, each of the remaining DLC fighters has been/is set to be a character never before seen in a main Street Fighter title.

Incorporating highly requested classic characters with a relaunch of the game could definitely go a long way.

If the rumors are anything to go by, we can expect Sagat, Sakura, Oro, C.Viper, Q and Necro. These are definitely the type of characters that will enthuse veteran players.

New mechanics are a must. Many would like to see additional options like the ability to choose from different V-Skills, V-Triggers, and Critical Arts.

One of the problems you hear about a lot regarding SF5 is the lack of ability to express one self. This has a lot to do with the game mostly favoring rush down and a lack of methods for deviating from the optimal strategy.

Mains of the same character are often witnessed just performing similar combos and tactics with the inability to branch out much further. Adding more V-Move and Critical Art options could definitely help players further express themselves and make their favorite characters their own.

Finally, a rebalance across the entire cast could go a long way. It definitely feels like a lot of people are not entirely pleased with the Season 2.5 balance patch.

There’s been a lot of talk about reducing the damage amongst all the characters. As of right now, it feels like a handful of characters can drain an entire health bar with just two combos, given the right circumstances


As always thank you for reading.


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