Dragon Quest XI Moves Of Old Man Martial Artist

We have new info for Dragon Quest XI Row and Martina. Martina is the martial artist of the group. Row is the old man with a lot on his back. Today we get some moves as we look closer at these two characters. Let see what they have to offer this group that is out to save the world. This information was found in a Shonen Jump magazine.

Martina is a rather vague female martial artist who is traveling around the world for a certain purpose.

old man named Row. [Thanks, @爆裂道.]





Here are some of her moves:

  • Sexy Beam (Sex Appeal Skill) – Uses her beauty to emasculate monsters.
  • Witch Nail (Claw Skill)
  • Lightning Storm (Spear Skill) – Assaults an enemy with lightning from hell.
  • Miracle Moon (Martial Art Skill)




Row looks like your average traveling merchant at first glance, but he’s a mysterious old man with the ability to cast advanced spells and martial arts abilities.

Here’s more on Row’s moves:

  • Riger Crush (Claw Skill) – Peppers the monster with consecutive powerful blows.
  • Null Baptism (Enlightenment Skill) – Takes away buffs from enemies.
  • Revival Staff (Two-handed Staff Skill) – Revives a party member.
  • Kazing – Revives one ally.
  • Kazam – Massive dark damage spell.
  • Kacrackle – Massive ice damage spell.


As always thank you for reading.


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