Seven Deadly Sins A Cursed Life Explained

The recent chapter for Seven Deadly Sins is out and for those who haven’t read please go to your online source and do so. It explains Melidos and his curse as well as how he knows Elizabeth before she as born. I say this as there spoilers ahead so please check it out then come back.

This chapter showed that Elizabeth and Melidos were cursed by the leaders of there clan the Goddess of light and the Demon King. Melidos is cursed to live forever and watch as Elizabeth is born without her memories only to regain. Once she regains them she as 3 days to live before dying in front of him.

I bring this up as it explains why Melidos was ready to give up his life when Ban was trying to kill him. A he knew it would work and B he understands the torment. Something that is also hinted at before Melidos explains thins as Ban ask him how does know what it feels like to watch his love die in front of him over and over again.

For those who are keeping track that was 3000 years ago when Melidos took on his Dad with Elizabeth along side taking on the leader of her clan. It is something that we needed to see. What do you think though? Let me know how you viewed this twist below.

As always thank you for reading.


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