Dragon Quest XI Hero Moves & Camus

Today we have info on Dragon Quest XI. The info gives us the moves of both Her and Camus his partner and one of the first characters you meet. For those who wan the game you may wan tot see this.


Dragon Quest XI’s protagonist has unique spells and abilities that are exclusive to him, and he can equip single and two-handed swords.


  • Sword Dance (Sword God Skill) – A sword skill that looks like a dance with its multiple hits on the enemy.


  • Kaclang (Spell) Prevents an ally from taking damage for a turn.


  • Devotion Slash (Two-Handed Sword Skill) – Puts all of his power for an attack from the two-handed sword.


  • Zone Certain Hit (Hero Skill) – Guarantees Zone state activation, which increases parameters.


  • Dragon Slash (Single-Handed Sword Skill) – An attack that deals extra damage against Dragon-type enemies.



Camus is capable of using daggers, single-handed swords, and boomerangs, allowing him to provide support with various tools.


  • Clone (Superhuman Skill) – Triples the action effects with two clones.


  • Sword Guard (Single-Handed Sword Skill) – Makes it easier to guard enemy attacks with a weapon.


  • Assassin Attack (Dagger Skill) – A single strike that hits the enemy vitals for a chance at an instant kill.


  • Starburst Throw (Boomerang Skill) HIts all enemies with a blade of light.


  • Jibariina (Spell) – Brings out a magic circle on the floor that damages enemies when they take actions.


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