Final Fantasy VII Remake Check Point ??

We have word on Final Fantasy VII Remake that Kitase says the game has meet a check point. It is hard to say what this means as we need some more news to put this in perspective. But what I can see from the date is that it is after the announcement of the in house overhaul.  Proof is that it discusses hiring of new personal.  So this might that they are making good time but again we need clarity. To give you the clear picture I will post the interview translated by Google below.

Thank you for your help in this interview. As a producer of Final Fantasy VII remaking, what is the outline of recruiting core members?

Kitase said: Many fans have been working with the current members who want to make the Final Fantasy VII a new release. The members of the project are expected to be a substantial number in the end of the company, but this time I would like to gather the members who will serve as the core.

It is a game planner, a game programmer, and a graphic designer, and it is divided into three occupations. Final Fantasy VII remaking is a large-scale project for the PlayStation4 platform, so planners are subdivided into a level planner and battle planner to design a battle system for further game planning and progression, and graphic designers are also BG designers, motion designers, It is divided into three kinds of VFX designers. If you are interested in participating, we would be happy to apply for a job in your field of expertise.

What kind of members are you looking for?

Mr. Kitase: I would like to see the details of the conditions and skills of each job category, but it is also the production of big titles that fans around the world eagerly awaited for us. I would like to seek out a game creator with a certain degree of experience in core members.

This is just a guideline, but if you want to bring your own skills and ideas into this work, we hope that you will have the pleasure and passion to make the game.

Instead of pinch hitter and support, new members and current members will make up the Final Fantasy VII remaking together

Is there any reason to increase it now?

Mr. Kitase: As an example of today’s large-scale game development, the Final Fantasy VII remaking project also works with many co-workers to create and supervise the core parts of the game with internal development staff to control the quality of the game.

The development team is constantly examining programs that have been implemented with the same functionality and content. In the sense of reproducing the original in a high-quality graphics, while becoming a satisfactory level, I came to the conclusion that the quality to meet the expectations of fans should be one step higher.

To share the values we aim for in the Final Fantasy VII remaking quality, we need more detailed communication between our staff. It was thought that it was necessary to make the specific gravity of the internal development staff higher than now for that.

Therefore, we do not want the new core members to join the support simply with their skills and ideas. Until the Final Fantasy VII remaking completion, release, and follow-up, we would like to be the core members of the work together until the end of this production.

─ ─ Kitase, as a producer of Final Fantasy VII remaking, what kind of mind do you want to participate in other than experience and skills?

Mr. Kitase: I think it will be a little different depending on the job type, but the base is focusing on the part of the commitment to manufacturing. For example, even if one of the ideas used in the game, what kind of drawer did you derive in your life experience? I want to look at the amount of heat to the person’s manufacturing.

Are you planning to respond to the candidates at the interview?

Kitase said: Yes. I want to hear about the experience and the skill that the person in charge of the job on the field, and the attitude of the man’s manufacturing and the enthusiasm which hangs to this work that I mentioned earlier in the form of the presence there. I also want to know the direction and orientation of the person as a creator, so I would like to hear about the creators and their works that are applied if there is a scene to be asked.

It doesn’t have to be anything but a game. It is a book, it is a movie, and it is a painting. If you know what a person is sympathetic to a piece of work, he or she thinks that he or she will be able to see what he or she will cherish and produce.

The creators have a fondness for the Final Fantasy VII remaking from inside and outside the company! Your own ideas are one scene of this work

I heard that the core members of this project are composed of the current members and the new members, but what kind of atmosphere is it?

Kitase said: Final Fantasy VII remaking incorporates a variety of ideas and tries to make it a work that has never been possible.

That’s why we have great expectations for our members to participate in the future. The atmosphere of our company, which is open and free as a site for game making, should be easy to work with if you have experience as a game creator. In the introduction, the current members and managers will continue to give advice, but they will soon be able to demonstrate the unique creative. Once you get into the team, the boundary between the current member and the new member will soon disappear.

What do you think of the work of the current Member who participates in the production of Final Fantasy VII remaking? What is the direction of your project?

Mr. Kitase: There are many people who have played Final Fantasy VII in the current members and have been able to enter the game industry. It is the same as other members of the company, such as cooperating companies, and it is the motivation of the project to involved such a work.

I think the direction of Final Fantasy VII remaking will be a leap forward with the participation of new members. For those who are going to become core members, how far can they evolve by putting their own colors against existing foundations? I would like to participate in such a consciousness.

A big title in the Best production environment! A commitment to making games that can be achieved by Square Enix

Did you hear that Square Enix is also working to develop a production environment?

Mr. Kitase: As a manufacturing company, our stance has not changed in the past. We have the best tools, the best environment to create better things, and we don’t want to invest in it. The new members, the production environment, and the development environment are all equivalent to the current members.

If you think of the game-making in terms of business, the result of “delivery” Shing deliverable Shing is important, of course. However, we want to be more particular about the quality of our work.

It is an environment that you can show no regret of the ability of the creators.

Kitase said: Not only in terms of tools and production environments, but also in the ease of working with members. For example, to make it easier for members to communicate on the job, the site is flat, and we care about creating an environment in which everyone can feel free to talk.

Ideas are born out of communication, trained, and shaped. A culture that values communication between members. This is one of our commitment to manufacturing.

It is a work that must be made for us someday, Final Fantasy VII remaking

Finally, please give a message to the Kitase producer of your own Final Fantasy VII remaking and those who think about your application.

Kitase said: Final Fantasy VII, which grabbed the hearts of many game fans on a global blockbuster, also already works 20 years ago. The cloud and Sephiroth in this work are still one of the most popular characters of the Final Fantasy series, but it is also true that the fans of the young age group have experienced an increase in the number of inexperienced people in the original. It is my wish to be able to grow into the character loved more in the next 100 years by causing it to stir again more than the shock that the original brought at that time to the game fan now.

Everyone who has seen this article. At that time, if you play Final Fantasy VII as a game user and feel some emotion, think of it as a chance to create it with your own hands. This work, which is remaking by collecting the chic of the modern game production technology, will be handed down again after ten years and two decades later. Would you like to witness the moment?

Of course, even those who do not know the Final Fantasy VII are very welcome to have a passion for game-making and want to create a final Fantasy with new ideas. Participation in this work will be a major turning point in your career as a game creator. As a game planner, designer and programmer, this is an environment where you can fully appreciate all the experience and skills you have cultivated. I hope that your participation in this Final Fantasy VII remaking will evolve further.”

Does mean FFVIIR is still going strong we will have to see

Interview :


As always thank you for reading.


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