Blazblue Central Fiction Famitsu ON Jubei

Famitsu got the laretst on Blazblue Central Fiction latest edition in Jubdei. The character is coming soon so it is best to see what is up. Drive and distortions listed below as well as the pages the info came from. Check it out.

Drive: Shiranui

Not many details but a successful hit applies a “black mark” on your opponent, similarly to Azrael. The mark will disappear after a while, and it’s suggested you should end combos with it to keep your opponent under pressure. For reference:
Pics with Drive/Specials/OD/EA for reference:

1) Picture shows a Drive move powered up with Fudou Sharenjin, the install super. You enter a stance with the D button and press different buttons to decide which directions you’ll move to.

2) One of his Special moves, Rekkouzan. Jubei fiercely slashes the opponent with sharp claws. When Fudou Sharenjin is activated you unlock its follow-ups, which include an overhead and a low.

3) Another one of his Special moves, Gishoukyuu. A quick projectile, which you can use to cover your approaches.

4) One of Rekkouzan’s follow-ups, Ichi no Kata – Kagerou. Can only be blocked low.

5) Overdrive: Rakan Gorinkou. Powers up his Drive moves as well. Using his OD and Fudou Sharenjin at the same time will let you rush your opponent down with extreme speed.

6) His Exceed Accel, Miroku Rinshunrou.

Distortion Drives

Fudou Sharenjin: An install-type move that powers up your Drive into “Shiranui – Hagane” and Special moves for the rest of the round.

Niou Kigantotsu: Jubei strikes the opponent from the air to the ground. Using this DD right after a Drive mode will increase its damage and Jubei will teleport behind the opponent before attacking. Moreover, using this DD from a high position will further increase its damage.”


As always thank you for reading.


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