Omen Of Sorrow Vladislav III vs. Zafkiel’ Lets Face The Count

We have more videos from EVO 2017 on Omen Of Sorrow. As we look at Vladislav III vs. Zafkiel Aone has statement in regards to what they wanted to show off in the build.

“We want to emphasize mobility, with longer stages and varied movement options for each character.With Vladislav we implemented projectiles that allow the player to teleport around the screen if they manage to hit the opponent, pulling Vladislav into close range opening opportunities for mix ups.” director Sebastian Gana

There are going to be 12 characters over all with 6 of them well known to us as well as online play. But that is not all as Aone has something to say for those who took the time to try out there game at EVO.

“To show the game in such an early stage can be hard, but the core idea is to keep things going forward, and that’s why we are very grateful with all the people that took the time to come and try Omen of Sorrow, entrusting us very encouraging and helpful feedback that we’ll definitely use to guide development for the next couple of months.”executive producer Max Kubler


As always thank you for reading.


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