Hunter X Hunter the Movie Phantom Rouge Viz Dubbed

With the success of Hunter X Hunter in the states it was natural for Viz to see what of the franchise they can dub and they found it. They found it in the movie Hunter X Hunter the Movie Phantom Rouge. This will have Gon and the others cross paths with the phantom troupe as they go after the same person

Kurapika became a Hunter to take vengeance on the Class-A crime group Phantom Troupe who massacred his clan for their unique eyes. The eyes of the Kurta clan turn scarlet in times of anger or emotional agitation and are considered the most beautiful treasures in the world. Kurapika continues to pursue the Phantom Troupe but an unknown party has stolen his “scarlet eyes”. With the help of Gon, Killua and Leorio, Kurapika’ s life was saved. However, the Phantom Troupe shows up before them and blocks their way. The true identity of the one with the No.4 spider tatoo is about to be unveiled.”

Idol/actress Umika Kawashima voices Pyro – a childhood friend of Kurapika

Haruhi Suzumiya voice actress Aya Hirano will be voicing itinerant puppeteer Retz

More York New dub cast was also announced


As always thank you for reading.


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  1. Liam Doyle says:

    So where’s the movie

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