Kingdom Hearts 3 Nomura On Tutorial

Kingdom Hearts 3 is getting a lot talk which continues as Nomura sits down for another interview. As he speaks to dengekionline Nomura talks about the tutorial which visits an old favorite town that many fans of the series might know.

  • Nomura has confirmed that he and the development team are taking a new direction in worlds that won’t have Sora and co. visiting worlds multiple times.
  • Twilight Town is set to be the game’s tutorial stage and will be visited early in the game.
  • Each toy robot in the Galaxy Toy Store will have different mechanics from other toy robots

Here’s my half-assed translations via google translate for the rest while we wait for better ones.

  • You can’t go everywhere outside Andy’s Neighborhood in the Toy Story world. The main focus is the Galaxy Toy Store.
  • While there are less Disney Worlds in KH3 than KH2 there is a bigger focus on large open areas. We’ve seen a taste of it 0.2.
  • As it’s the end of the Xehanort Saga everything will be wrapped up. It’s a daunting task with some many characters this time.
  • The words presented before the previous two trailers are for promotional videos. They don’t mean anything in the game.



As always thank you for reading.


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