Blazblue Central Fiction 2.0 Clarifying

It seems there was an issue misunderstanding with Blazblue Central Fiction notes on 2.0. There are three moves from Bang, Nine and Valkenhyn that need to be explained further as it seems there is a bit of confusion.

Bang’s command throw super

“Now able to grab opponents who’ve just started jumping/landing.”


This Distortion Drive can now indeed catch someone who is already off the ground. They stressed, however, that if you jump after the freeze, you will not get caught by Bang.


2. Nine’s Kunzite tracking

“The projectile’s positioning has been adjusted. It’ll appear right in front of Nine in the ground version, while the aerial version now has a fixed minimum range, and it won’t appear any closer to Nine than the specified minimum range.”

minimum range.”


Kunzite can no longer track an opponent that’s behind the witch. The picture above is the aerial version — now, that is the closest it can appear to Nine, so there’s a definitely a blind spot. There’s nothing to worry about in the ground version of Kunzite, it will still hit someone right in front of her.

3. Valkenhayn’s j.D landing state

“Whenever you land during the active frames while in Wolf form, you’ll always go back to Human form when landing.”

Pretty self-explanatory — whenever Valkenhayn lands on the ground from j.D, he is forced into human form, unlike before.



As always thank you for reading.


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