Final Fantasy VII Remake News Need An Appointment

Final Fantasy VII Remake a game that has been asked for sometime now. With announcement though we receive very little information. Something that has either confused fans or frustrated them. Well today Square Enix was asked by a French site KH island about that and they said it was about the right time.

“You must know that for each future titles, there is an established development planning. So we must first consult it to check on the progress of the game, to be able to convey the most interesting and relevant information to the public. To give you an example, many events will take place this year. There is Final Fantasy’s 30th Anniversary event, Final Fantasy VII’s 20th Anniversary event as well as Kingdom Hearts’ 15th Anniversary event.

knowing this, it is obvious that fans are expecting a lot and we wish to show more in order to celebrate all of these events. Regarding Final Fantasy’s 30th Anniversary, we have many events planned in Japan, Final Fantasy XV’s DLCs, Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age Remaster and the new extension of Final Fantasy XIV Stormblood. We wish we could give as much information as possible but it is imperative that we have control on the calendar in order, so that we can reveal relevant information at the precise time” Square Enix game producer Shini Hashimoto

Now the article note that this might be hinting at us hearing about the game at the 20th anniversary of FFVII but also notice the schedule as Square Enix does have a lot on the calendar that consides with that game. Note there is not a mention of PlayStation Experience or Tokyo Game Show 2017. The good news about this is there are plenty of chances. As a fan I just want to know when. Let me know what you guys think about that SE calendar response to why we have no Remake news.


As always thank you for reading.


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