Dragon Quest XI Bringing in The Causals

Dragon Quest XI is the newest in the franchise with many looking forward to see what it will bring to the series. Well Media Creates expect it will bring in new fans. This is do to the Japanese market getting a tone of order for the game.  This is how it breaks down.

[The firm reports that software sales last week were 900,000 in total, 36.57% of the week prior’s tally. Hardware sales also massively decreased to 181,000 units (54.71% of the week before) due to the shrinking of the push offered by Dragon Quest XI on its second week on the shelves. That being said, both software and hardware still sold well compared to the average of 2017, on a scale suitable for the summer shopping season.]

Now remember this is only Asian markets as a Western release is planned next year. So these numbers might grow once we get a taste for this in the States and the rest of the western countries.


As always thank you for reading.


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