Final Fantasy XV December Update & Future Episodes

A lot of Final Fantasy XV news so lets get to it. First gameplay as news of being able to swap characters will be added in December.  You can see the video showing this feature below as we go from Gladio and Ignis

Next more character episodes are on the way. Hajime has expressed making episodes for Arydn as well as Luna. In the Active Time Report he goes on to say he want to add more content not just to compete the world as he ha promised as many gamers have felt it wasn’t complete. Complaints he has agreed with.

But that is not the only reason. Tabata wants players wo have completed the game and left to come back. So we might just see content that we have not dicussed. Now we have no video for the ATR but we have some notes for that.

  • Details about the future content Square Enix plans to offer will be decided by the end of 2017. From there, they will officially announce what content will be released at what timing, and in what form it will be offered.
  • Final Fantasy XV director Hajime Tabata said that he wants to release at least three “Episode” add-ons in 2018, starting with an episode for Ardyn. Many users pointed out that the way they depicted the backbone of the world was insufficient, but Arydn’s episode will lead to a proper depiction of the world’s story.
  • Tabata is aware that fans want to see an episode for Luna.
  • For future additional content, Tabata wants to release them when they are in a state of absolute sufficiency. In 2018, the importance is not on releasing the content, but rather the plan has changed to releasing the content in a state where each one is properly sufficient.
  • Not only does Tabata want to meet the users’ expectations, he wants to betray expectations and create developments that will even get those who have cleared the game and lost interest re-interested.

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As always thank you for reading.

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