Final Fantasy XV DLC Ignis Fight Noctis ???

Final Fantasy XV DLC Episode Ignis has come clarification as more details about the update come to light.  Once you complete the game you will get a chance to face boss that will offer a different ending. What that means it is additional what if for prolonging gameplay  instead of an open ended story that is decided on your actions. The other details will be listed below.

  • Play time is between one and two hours if you only follow the story.
  • After you clear the story, a different route unlocks. It follows the flow of the original story, and changes to the different route when Ignis makes a certain decision. This route is mainly a boss battle, and is considerably difficult. The ending of this route was created with the thought that they wanted it to be seen by users who were moved by the ending of the main story.
  • The story is the densest among the Final Fantasy XV add-ons.
  • After you clear the story, a battle against Noctis will become available


As always thank you for reading.

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