Guilty Gear Xrd Rev 2 2.1 Patch Notes

So we have the patch notes for Guilty Gear Xrd Rev 2 Patch 2.1. All the characters are here so if you want to know what changes are coming to your character check it out.

Sol Badguy:
Forward dash: acceleration increased, including the dragon install version.
6H: Force crouch on hit.
Knock back reduced.
Hurtbox on the forward lunge expanded forward.
Volcanic viper (DI version): screen shake increased on first hit.
Ground S volcanic viper: First part of 2nd hit’s hitbox size increased overall.
Untech time increased on 2nd hit.
Ground S volcanic viper (DI version): First part of 2nd hit’s hitbox size increased overall.
Air bandit revolver: added horizontal knock back.
2nd hit starts up earlier, more active frames, recovery is unchanged.
Does not do 2 hits on the later part if the move any longer.
Wild throw: RC buffer on hit increased, including DI version.
Grand viper: the time before Sol moves forward was reduced. Startup and active frames unchanged.
Added acceleration to the rushing part of the move.
Added forward acceleration on the falling part of the move in DI.
Fafnir (DI version): screen shake increased.
PBB: screen shake increased.
Added RC buffer on hit.
f.S(sword): cancels into forpelli in stylish mode on auto combo
f.S(no sword):cancels into martelli in stylish mode on auto combo
2D: cancels into martelli in stylish mode on block auto combo
Ground/air throw: distance after throw reduced
Various sword sets: when ram or the swords are hit before the swing, the familiars respawn in the same position as before
PPK, KPK: increased attack level
Increased knock back on block
PK4K, KK4K, K4K: decreased upper hurtbox before the attack
Dauro: accepts buffer inputs.
Dauro(just frame):forced proration removed
Flama Carga: easier to carry dash momentum before the active frames
RC buffer on hit increased
Cassius: hitbox on the back right after startup larger
Martelli: can do this move when S sword is set. Slower startup than equipped version.
Knocks away on ground hit.
Untech time increased
Forpelli: can do this move when H sword is set. Slower startup than equipped version.
Explode:  RC buffer on hit increased
6H: 2nd hit changed to regular hitstun
Pushback on block increased on 2nd hit
j.D: moved the grinder set location lower, this affects the hitbox.
Lower hitbox smaller
Ground stun edge(seal version): hitstop increased
Greed sever: pushback on block decreased
Hitbox size decreased overall
Lower hurtbox increased
Ground bounce height lowered
Changed the timing where ky starts falling downwards and the fall speed. Air versions recovery is unchanged
Air vapor thrust: H version given horizontal knock back
Grinder: vetical hitbox when it strengthens a stunedge increased.
2S: gatlings into 3K
3K: moves forward faster
Deceleration starts earlier, overall slower movement
j.D: counter hit untech time increased
Horizontal knock back on counter hit decreased
S vertical dolphin: hurtbox during the upwards movement decreased
Bounce back when the downward moving parts hits decreased
Downward part changed to regular hitstun
H vertical dolphin: Bounce back when the downward moving parts hits decreased
Ensenga?: First hit on the rising portion is an overhead.
Startup on the first hit decreased. Active frames unchanged. In order to accommodate for this change, the 2nd hit startup earlier as well.
First hit lower hitbox increased.
6P: gatling into 6H added.
Badmoon (above minimum height): hit count increases with height
Forward speed increased
Damage reduced
Hitstop reduced
Untech time reduced
Ground bounces on hit and knocks away
Regular hitstun on ground hit
Silent force: can pick up pin with roll and 2nd roll follow up
Emerald rain: forced proration added
Wall bounce decreased
Height, speed and knock back of projectiles changed
Chroming rose: badmoon(above minimum height), hitbox moved forward, startup increased in chroming rose
Turbofalls speed and startup are faster in chroming rose
2K: gatlings into 5D
f.S: gatlings into 6H
6H: horizontal knock back on hit increased
Horizontal knock back on counter hit increased slightly
j.S: jump cancelable
Eddie unsummon: doesn’t take Eddie meter if you release P, K or S while unsummoning
Dead man’s hand: forward movement faster at the start, slower during active frames
Lower hurtbox on start and active decreased
Damned fang:  RC buffer on hit increased
Drunken Shade: horizontal knock back increased, vertical knock back reduced
Great white: hitbox influenced by time stop
consumes 50% Eddie gauge, if Eddie gauge remains after the move Eddie appears summoned.
Attacks 3 times, depending on the amount of Eddie gauge left.
j.D: fuxed a bug where pot would not transition into landing.
Heat knuckle: startup decreased
Recovery in hit increased
Forward megafist: knocks downwards on air hit
Pot buster:  RC buffer on hit increased
ICPM: can combo after on RC
Heavenly potemkin buster:  RC buffer on hit increased
Startup decreased
Pre standing animation: hurtbox in the back decreased
Jump startup: hurtbox in the back decreased
j.S: lower hitbox increased
j.H: first hits vertical knock back decreased
Air alpha blade: turns to face the opponent if the early part hits
Ground beta blade: throw invul added
Genrouzan/wall cling genrouzan:  RC buffer on hit increased
Wall cling genyouzan:  RC buffer on hit increased
Wall cling alpha blade: hitstop increased
Horizontal knock back increased, vertical knock back decreased
Knocks opponent in the direction chipp is facing
Horizontal movement decreased
Zansei rouga: last hit horizontal knock back increased
Last hit can be RCed
Ryuuyanagi: minimum damage reduced
Excitement: Does not decrease while Raven takes damage
Fixed a bug where his excitement would not decreased during charged blitz
Crouch: Hurtbox widened forward
j.D: Untech time on 2nd hit reduced
Air Grausam Impuls: If used while moving forward at high speed, trajectory changes, and hitbox is bigger than the regular version
Active frames reduced
Landing recovery added if raven lands during the move, no landing recovery if move is completed
Ground scharf kugel: Moves forward less, slowly rises
Startup increased
Active frames increased
f.S~P: Can YRC when it guard points a move
5H~P: Can YRC when it guard points a move
6P: Hitstop on armor reduced, start up varies based on the timing it armored a move
j.D: Hits 3 times
Along with the above change, it’s performance is changed entirely
When cancelled after making contact with the opponent, Leo will turn to face the opponent
air throw: Leo falls slower
S fireball: YRC window increased
S flash kick: Horizontal movement increased on the rising portion
1st hit active frames reduced
2nd hit verical knock back increased, horizontal knock back decreased
2nd hit untech time increased
H flash kick: 1st hit active frames reduced
Vertical knock back on later active frames decreased
Back turn stance: Buffer on everything other than dashes increased
Raiden (weapon x): Cinematic animation switched to 4th or 5th hit
Going My Way: Pushbox while active removed
Removed landing recovery after all hits land
Hitbox and hurtbox altered
Untech time increased
Knock back properties changed: the first half knocks back very little, and as the move duration gets longer it knocks back further
Faust rises high up in the latter half of the move
Teleport (from above): Faust falls faster
Faust does not bounce off on hit
Faust has no pushbox after hitting until he lands
Hit type changed to ground bounce from regular hitstun
Ground bounce is the same on counter hit as it is on regular hit, but the untech time is increased
The speed at which Faust bounces back on block or whiff was altered
Pogo: Can cancel into followups earlier
Pogo~K: Front hurtbox is smaller in the first half of the move, and wider in the second half
Hitbox is wider
Pogo~S: If YRCed, the flower comes out as a mid hitting projectile
When done in the corner, the flower will still appear on stage
Pogo~9: Buffer into Pogo~P/K/S/H/D extended
Doctor Copter (Pogo~8): Startup is faster
Kancho Super: RC buffer on hit increased
5K: Removed gatling into 2H
2P: Can cancel into f.S regardless of distance from the opponent
2K: Removed gatling into 2H
2S: Vacuums the opponent even on air block
2H: Special cancelable
Startup increased, overall duration longer
Normal hitstun on hit
Attack level on first hit reduced
Amount of RISC taken off by the first hit increased
Added initial proration
2nd hit vacuums the opponent even on air block
In stylish mode, if the 2nd hit hits, autocombo will cancels into rensengeki
6P: Removed gatling into 2H
6K: Vacuums the opponent even on air block
j.S: Vacuums the opponent even on air block
j.6K: Vacuums the opponent even on air block
j.2S: Added gatling into j.P
High counter: Overall duration when not successful is longer, counter catch time is the same
Overall duration on successful counter is shorter
Vertical knock back increased, unaffected by the opponent’s weight
RC buffer on hit increased
Low counter: RC buffer on hit increased
Sparrowhawk Stance: Follow up attacks do not stay unblockable
Sickle Storm: First hit horizontal knock back increased
Second hit vertical knock back increased
Axl takes longer to throw the sickle out, overall duration unchanged
The above mentioned part’s hitbox is widens backwards
Fixed a bug where the opponent would be stuck in a block animation
Shark Strike: Vacuums the opponents even on air block
j.S: Lowered damage
j.H: Lowered damage
j.D: Lowered damage
Stinger Aim: First hit builds more RISC on block, second hit builds the same amount as before
Carcass Raid: First hit builds more RISC on block, second hit builds the same amount as before
S Double Head Morbid: The hitbox on the interior portion is widened backwards
Launches balls upwards on contact, which then bounce off the ceiling and the ground
Ball speed increased
H Double Head Morbid: The hitbox on the interior portion is widened backwards
Knock back increased on block
Launches balls diagonally upwards on contact, which then bounce off the ceiling and the ground
Ball speed increased
QV: Screen shake added right before active frames
The hitbox on the inner portion is larger behind
Dark Angel: Chip damage increased
5P: Attack level increased
2K: Damage increased
Knockback reduced
2S: Damage increased
6K: Once the K button is released, you cannot do the feint
Lower hurtbox reduced on the move from the point where Slayer hops upwards until right before the attack becomes active
6H: Cancel window extended
Bite: RC buffer on hit increased
Whiffing a special does not end the CH buff state
If you land a bite while in the CH buff state, the new buff will last longer
Time during cinematics no longer counts to the CH buff timer
Air Dash after 663: Special cancelable
f.S: Startup faster, recovery reduced
Hitbox larger in every direction other than behind
f.S>6S: recovery reduced
Hitbox larger in every direction other than downwards
2D: Startup faster
j.S: Hitbox larger behind
j.H: recovery shorter
Ground Note: Up and Down inputs affect the movement of the note more
S Stroke The Big Tree: stagger time increased
P Dive: Minimum height added
If the attack hits at the same time I-no lands, she bounces backwards
Max charge ground bounces on hit
The bounce back after the attack lands can be cancelled into Fortissimo
K Dive: Minimum height added
S Dive: Minimum height added
H Dive: Standardized the speed I-no moves during the active frames
I-no now has a pushbox during the active frames
Landing recovery reduced, max charge version has no landing recovery
Knock back increased
Air Vertical Chemical Love: When done during the air dash after 663, the trajectory is altered
Forward Dash: Jump cancelable in the beginning. When the dash successfully parries and opponent’s move, it cannot be jump cancelled.
1/2/3H: Once the move is active, the hitbox is not affected by shifts in the stage (camera, etc)
6P: Untech time increased on counter hit
6H (followup): Startup slower
First hit’s knock back decreased
Only the first hit is special cancelable
Ground Blitz Shield: Return position of Task A and Task A’ altered (I honestly have no idea why this change is listed under ground blitz shield)
Task B: Hitbox and hurtbox on the lower portion increased
Return position of Task A and Task A’ altered
Ground Task B: Startup faster
The initial speed is fast, but it decelerates as the move goes on
Ground Task C: If RCed in the air, Bedman has air actions and will face the opponent
Dejavu: Damage increased on all dejavu moves other than air icon Dejavu B.
Various Air Dejavus: Minimum height increased
Landing recovery decreased
Hemijack: Overall duration shortened
Made it hard to build meter while Hemijack is active
Hemijack (projectile): Cannot hit grounded opponents
Appears directly above the opponent
Destroyed after taking 3 attacks
Hitbox and hurtbox changed
5H (2nd hit): Changed knock back to a horizontal one, pulls the opponent in (vacuums)
Has vertical knock back on counter hit
Knocks down (where they fall forward (probably face down kd)) on air hit
6H: Knock back decreased
2D: Startup reduced
Ground Beak Driver: Uncharged 2nd hit active frames reduced, recovery frames added, overall duration unchanged
Charged version charged faster
I’m Sure I’ll Hit Something: All hits untech time normalized to be the same as the final hits untech time
Bull Bash: Startup reduced
Elk Hunt: Hitbox of the beginning part of the attack made taller
Air Beak Driver: Hitbox and hurtbox at the start of the 2nd hit increased
2S: Vertical knock back decreased
Added gatling into 2H
2H: First hit’s vertical knock back decreased
6P: knock back decreased
j.D: Vertical knock back on counter hit increased
When RCed, the startup of the attack becomes faster (it sounds weird but thats what it says)
j.D (RCed just before active): Made it possible to hit crouchers
Lower hitbox increased
Ground Bridal Express: Made it so that it will always knock the opponent forward
Miss Confire: Cancelable into Roll~Miss Travailler (roll that puts you in shotgun)
Miss Travailler Demolish (shotgun grab): Cancelable into Miss Confire
 Judge Better Half: Knock back on the latter half of the active frames increased
RC Buffer for after the cinematic increased
Genoverse: The hitbox right at the beginning of startup is extended forward
j.D: Cancel window larger
Mist Finer Stance: Time to buffer ground dash increased
Air  dash overall duration decreased
Dash can be canceled into Mist Finer
Fixed a bug that cause Johnny to only be able to cancel into a Mist Finer
Mist Finer: The stagger time on the unblockable using Bacchus Sigh goes up with Mist Finer levels
Ground Zweihander: The timing on the jump is later when the follow up input is used
Projectile hitbox larger
Air Zweihander: Projectile hitbox larger
That’s My Name: RC buffer on hit increased
Elysion Driver (6D): RC Buffer on hit increased
Hunger of Dopoulos (4D/Meterless Version): Startup reduced
The direction and the timing the opponent gets knocked back on hit cannot be controlled
Hunger of Dopoulos (4D/Metered Version): RC buffer on hit increased
Ghost Pick Up: Jack-O builds meter passively (like she does when she stands over the ghosts) while holding them
After a certain amount of time, the ghost you are hold starts to regenerate health
The time until the next servant spawns for the ghost you’re holding is decreased
Ghost Throw: Damage increases with Ghost levels
After throwing the ghost, the time until the next servant spawns is increased
Servant: Fixed a bug where more than 3 servants of a kind could be spawned
K Servant: Depending on the level, the about of RISC taken away on hit is reduced
Organ Deployment: If you press a button corresponding to a move that is on cooldown, you will regenerate a set amount of that moves cooldown meter
Organ Followups: Clock Up, Explode, Aegis Field cooldowns shortened
Clock Up, Explode, Aegis Field do no start their respective cooldowns while their effect is happening
Clock Up: Fixed a bug where the servants kept animating powering up even though they were at max level
Forever Elysion Driver: RC buffer on hit increased
5H: Can cancel into f.S regardless of distance from the opponent
6P: Knock back on the first hit decreased
Knock back decreased
j.S: Vertical knock back decreased
Senri Shinshou: When done as a followup from Hyappo Shinshou, Jam will correct herself to face the opponent
Parry~P:  Cancels projectiles
Renhoukyaku (super puffball): Overall duration increased, hitstop increased
Advantage on block unchanged
Bao Saishinshou: Fixed a bug where the animation on his changed based on the platform the game was running on
6P: Attack level increased
Vertical knock back on regular hit decreased
5D: When YRCed, the dust becomes a mid hitting projectile (like ky and ino)
j.H: Untech time reduced
j.2K: When it makes contact with the opponent, Kum can choose which way to move with forward and backwards inputs
Attack level increased
Active frames increased
Recovery increased
Shiinken: Cannot transition into Shiinken (Reverse) after jumping up
Hayabusa Otoshi (Reverse): The speed at which Kum moves forwards is increased; this applies to the charged version as well
Enlightened 3000 Palm Strike: Grants roll hit stun state no matter how many times it is used successively
f.S: The Hurtbox on the Latter half of the move is larger in front
2H: Buffer time on jump cancel for the second hit increased
6H: Fully charged version is an overhead
Fully charged version ground bounces on ground hit
2D: Hitbox made taller
j.D: Effect on hit changed from vertical hit stun to normal hit stun
Vertical knock back decreased, horizontal knock back increased
First hit’s untech time decreased
Fire Spear: Fixed a bug where the trajectory of the spears would not change upon being fully charged
Ice and Fire Bubbles: Increased the window for accepting a down input to affect the trajectory of the bubble
Fixed a bug where the bubble would slow down unnaturally upon bouncing off the wall
Gamma Ray (100 meter super): Startup reduced
Initial proration increased (more than what it’s traditionally been)
Hitbox for the first half of the attack increased
Damage for the second half of the attack increased
Defense: Increased
Push box: Widened in front (baiken has a super weird push box that messed with stuff like Leo 236H)
5H: Hitbox and hurtbox made larger in front
6P: Internal hitbox larger
2D: Initial proration reduced
j.S: Hitbox extends forward faster
Dead Angle Attack: Internal hitbox larger
Youzansen: Landing recovery reduced
Baiken falls faster after the move
Azami: Overall duration increased
Azami (Hold): if you input Azami without holding back, Azami can be cancelled into block if you release the buttons during hitstop
Fixed a bug where Azami followups didn’t come out when using the SP button in stylish mode
Azami (Guard Cancel): The window to catch attacks can be extended by holding the buttons
Given counter hit recovery
Air Azami: Unheld version shortest possible catch window increased
Along with the change above, overall duration increased
Even when done right before landing, landing recovery will apply
Landing recovery reduced
On successful Azami, landing recovery is removed
Rokkonsogi: When done as a follow up from Suzuran or Azami, the horizontal distance covered and speed are both increased
Kabari: Made it so that Kabari cannot be cancelled into Himawari, Tetsuzansen or Rokkonsogi while a backwards input is being held (all followups)
S Kabari: Fixed a bug where hitting a lowest possible opponent would cause the move to act differently
H Kabari: Untech time increased
Vertical knock back decreased
Himawari (command grab): RCing once the move is active will now be PRC
RC buffer on hit increased
Tsurane Sanzu Watashi: If the super hits such that the cinematic plays, the last hit cannot be RCed
5K: Added gatling into 6K
c.S: First and second hits’ damage reduced, thirds hit’s damage increased
Amount of RISC taken on hit increased
5H: Attack levle reduced
Damage reduced
2H: Damage reduced
6K: Damage reduced
Vertical knock back reduced
Once the K button is released, you cannot do the feint
j.H: Damage reduced
j.D: Damage increased
Business Ninpo; Under the Bus (clone attack from card): If the opponent is within a set distance of where the clone would be summoned, the clone will appear at the opponent’s location
Startup reduced
Damage increased
Savvy Ninpo: Stepping Down (seal slide): Damage increased
Savvy Ninpo: Safety Net (seal~D): Damage increased
Resshou: Damage increased
Ground Savvy Ninpo: Tax Write-off (izuna drop): Cannot cancel into from normals
Ground Dead Stock Ninpo; Firesale (632146S/D): First hits’s hitbox moves forward
First hit’s hitbox larger overall
Air Dead Stock Ninpo: Firesale (j.63216S/D): The spot Answer appears at, the hitbox and the knock back are all changed to make it easier to hit
Business Ultimate Ninpo: All Hands (236236K): RC buffer on hit increased


As always thank you for reading.

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