The King Of Fighters XIV Ideas For DLC From EventHubs

The King Of Fighters XIV  is getting more DLC with Oswald leading the way. The card carrying fighter and Najd make up two of the four and today we have taking there guess at who the other two are. Now we have the usual with Heiden , Ash and Blue Mary but they make other mentions such as Ash former team mate Shen Woo who was at odds with Oswald the last time they meet. They also mention Adel who was the other boss you can face through the Ash saga (and he showed he was Rugal son)  and was sponsor of the tournament.

These suggestions have me thinking that with a few new characters this game might be used to bring back charactrs from KOF xi who didn’t get into XIII or appeared in the saga. But what do you think let me know. You can take a look at them below.


First KoF series appearance: The King of Fighters ’94
Number of main KoF series appearances: 5
Most recent KoF series appearance: The King of Fighters 2002: Unlimited Match (2009)

Heidern is a bit of a wild card in some ways, because he’s actually been absent from the King of Figthers series in playable form for quite some time. Although he was added in the enhanced version of King of Fighters 2002 9 years ago, his last appearance before that was actually as far back as King of Fighters 2001.

Obviously, this cat has been out of the game for quite some time, though he’s still a consistent presence in the game’s story and setting, being the adoptive father of Leona as well as the man in charge of Ralf and Clark.

What really makes me, and many others as I’ve seen across the internet, believe that Heidern is part of this year’s DLC is the silhouette we got along with Oswald.

The high-rising arms fit perfectly with the pose that Heidern strikes during one of his signature moves, Moon Slasher, as can be seen below.

Just a little bit conspicuous, no?

Really, the biggest reason to think it’s Heidern stems from the silhouette, but at the same time it’s so obvious that they might be throwing us for a loop.

Regardless, I would welcome Heidern back with open arms. He’s been gone for far too long, and if it does end up being him, I can’t wait to see what new tricks this old dog has learned.

Mary “Blue Mary” Ryan

First KoF series appearance: The King of Fighters ’97
Number of main KoF series appearances: 8
Most recent KoF series appearance: The King of Fighters XI (2005)

Before the DLC last year was even announced, me and Steven “DreamKing” Chavez actually did a piece on what characters we were hoping to see return for the game, or future games.

Although I’m well aware that May Lee is nothing but a pipe dream, I did get my Yamazaki in the end (and boy, did they do a great job with him), but I’m still missing the flavor my Terry team always needed – Blue Mary.

Blue Mary proved herself to be quite the popular character back in the Fatal Fury series, and she was practically a mainstay in King of Fighters for a very long time. You can see in the statistics listed here that out of all the characters I’m detailing, she has by far the most appearances in the series – in fact, she had an unbroken streak from her first title, ’97, all the way up until XI in 2005.

“Hey, thanks for breaking my streak, guys!”

Unfortunately, she didn’t make the cut when SNK decreased the roster in XII due to the work the high-quality sprites of the game required, and sat out once more in King of Fighters XIII which expanded on those gorgeous sprite graphics.

I think it was a bit of a shock for many people, at least for me, when she was still absent at the launch of King of Fighters XIV, and although she was one of the most predicted additions for last year’s DLC, she wasn’t there, either.

The prediction, or perhaps hope, for Mary is almost entirely based on the fact that her popularity is very high, so high in fact, that she was added to the King of Fighters series to begin with due to winning a popularity poll in a Japanese magazine.

It’s strange for a character that has become so synonymous with the series to be left out in the cold for 13 years, so it feels like it’s high time she made her triumphant return. Oh, and of course, there’s this little diddy as well…

Ash Crimson

First KoF series appearance:The King of Fighters 2003
Number of main KoF series appearances: 4
Most recent KoF series appearance: The King of Fighters XIII (2011)

Now, people who played through the Ash Crimson saga (King of Fighters 2003-King of Fighters XIII) might interject here with a “Hold on there, Majin. Don’t you remember that Ash was literally erased from existence?”

Why yes, I do remember that. But, SNK evidently decided that he was too good of a character to pass up like that, and despite running his story arc to its tragic conclusion, the Official Invitation Team’s ending in the game reveals that Ash’s distortion of the space-time continuum created Verse, 14’s final boss, and with Verse defeated, Ash’s soul has in fact been released again, and he’s actually alive once more.

“Kept you waiting, huh?”

Ash Crimson is the one character I can say without a doubt will be back in the next King of Fighters title if he doesn’t make this round of DLC, because he had a whole arc spanning across four games dedicated to him, and they went out of their way to show that he’s back in King of Fighters XIV, much to the delight of his many fans, so it’s clearly a matter of “when”, not “if” when it comes to discussing Ash’s return.

Another tidbit worth noting is that Oswald, who’s actually only been in one game before his upcoming return as DLC, made his debut in King of Fighters XI as part of Ash’s team, so there’s even more of a connection going on there as well.

I will say, though, that the return of Ash is probably going to throw a few wrenches into the game’s narrative, so he might be a bit too big of a deal to use as DLC, as strange as that may sound, and out of the characters on this list he’s the one I’d be least surprised if SNK held off on until the next game.

Adelheid Bernstein

First KoF series appearance: The King of Fighters 2003
Number of main KoF series appearances: 2
Latest KoF series appearance: The King of Fighters XI (2005)

Adelheid Bernstein is an interesting character, in that it seems that the main reason SNK even brought him into the fold was to let fans have Rugal in the game without retconning his death.

Rugal, in case you’re not a King of Fighters historian, was the main villain in the very first King of Fighters title – King of Fighters ’94 – but since dying at the end of the following title, he’s been relegated to appearing in crossovers and dream match titles.

SNK are in fact quite the sticklers when it comes to continuity and will generally not let characters appear again if they’ve died (though Mature and Vice are glaring exceptions to that rule).

Just in case Geese’s presence in King of Fighters 14 confuses you, SNK have actually established that Fatal Fury and King of Fighters are part of separate continuities, and Geese is only dead in the Fatal Fury one, though how that makes Rock Howard work in King of Fighters is anyone’s guess.

Leaving the jumbled timelines and death scenarios aside, Adelheid is the son of Rugal Bernstein who first appears in King of Fighters 2003 as a boss character, and carries a similar moveset to his father, though not entirely identical.

While his moveset might be nostalgic and reminiscient of Rugal, his personality is anything but. Despite appearing as a boss, Adelheid is not at all portrayed as a villain or a bad guy, and it’s even gone so far that creators have referred to him as the “other protagonist” of the Ash Crimson saga.

This makes it even more puzzling that he ended up not being playable in King of Fighters 13, especially given that he was still quite active in the game’s story mode, and there have been long-standing rumors that he was in fact meant to be a part of the game’s roster but ended up being cut due to time constraints. This is further pointed towards by him having character artwork and win portrait artwork done for the game.

“What do you mean I’m only in story mode? … Don’t you know who my father is?!”

Despite having only 2 series appearances to his name, Adelheid was a very big factor in the Ash Crimson saga together with his sister Rose Bernstein (who is not much of a fighter, for the record), and in fact is a very big deal overall to the series, by virtue of being the original villain’s offspring.

Adelheid would make sense for a lot of reasons, partly because of his value to the game’s story, but also because of how integral he is to series history despite not appearing on our screens until almost 10 years after its inception. If we can’t have Rugal, give us Adelheid. I can’t go another year without any Genocide Cutters…

Shen Woo

First KoF series appearance: The King of Fighters 2003
Number of main KoF series appearances: 4
Most recent KoF series appearance: The King of Fighters XIII (2011)

Shen Woo was a pretty popular pick in King of Fighters XIII, and I was actually a bit surprised to not see him return in King of Fighters 14’s launch roster, despite being a relatively new character, considering the franchise’s history.

What makes me think that Shen has a pretty solid chance of returning now, though, is largely based on the story of the game.

Shen and Oswald were both part of Ash’s team in King of Fighters XI, but their story in fact ended with the two having to do battle, and since Shen returned in subsequent games and Oswald did not, it was long assumed that Oswald might have been killed by Shen.

Obviously, neither of the two was kidding around.

Oswald’s return in King of Fighters XIV obviously contradicts that, but with Shen’s main character motivation being to fight strong opponents, it’s definitely likely that he’d want a rematch against Oswald now that it’s been proven that he’s still alive and kicking.

He also holds a bit of a grudge against Ash, as shown in King of Fighters XIII, where he’s still annoyed at being used by Ash twice for his own agendas, and with Ash also shown to still be alive, it wouldn’t be out of the question for Shen to want some answers from him.

While Shen would be a most welcome addition, and does benefit somewhat from the teamless nature of the DLC characters in King of Fighters 14, it might make a bit more sense to hold off on him until the next game so that the story conflicts with him, Ash and Oswald can be fleshed out properly.


As always thank you for reading.

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