Final Fantasy XV Royal Edition Info Update

We are getting more info on Final Fantasy XV Royal Edition.  The info points to what is coming and it shows the trailer only scratches the surface. Now be warned this has spoilers in it so if you don’t want to be spoiled stop now. For the rest who want to see what the new edition and update will bring check it out what is cut and what is coming.

  1. Because Ignis’s characterization was more difficult to get across compared to Prompto and Gladio’s, his screen time in Chapter 1 was increased.
  2. Ignis’s tours were more difficult to come up with than Prompto and Gladio’s, so they used “glasses” as a starting point in the brainstorming stage.
  3. The car-pushing event at the beginning of Chapter 1 was initially going to be 15 minutes long.
  4. To increase the feelings of excitement and anticipation that a journey entails, the Rock of Ravatogh was made to be visible while the player pushes the car in Chapter 1.
  5. In Chapter 3, it was initially assumed that there would be more people going to Iris than to the Chocobos, but it turned out to be the other way around.
  6. There will be voice lines exclusive to the quest “The Sword in the Waterfall” (t/n: also in Chapter 3), so please give it a go!
  7. The Royal Edition will supplement the main story; please enjoy the various additions!
  8. The team couldn’t go into detail, but there will be another update in March.
  9. Episode Duscae was originally going to be “Episode Titan,” but it was later changed to be a demo centered around an open-world experience.
  10. You can go to the Insomnia from the Royal Edition in Chapter 14.
  11. A scene that was cut from the main game in which Gladio flirts with Sania was added to the FFXV Pocket Edition.
  12. The painting demo showed a Yoshitaka Amano painting of Luna mid-battle in the Royal Edition. It depicted Noctis fighting alongside her as well as Bahamut, who did not appear much in the main game.
  13. It was originally planned for players to be able to craft items in the trunk of the Regalia. For example, if you put meat into it, it would become jerky. Though this was not implemented, it evolved into plans for an event in which Cindy puts luggage into the trunk. Ultimately, the trunk was cut from the game.
  14. Episode Ignis was going to be like a strategy-based RPG (t/n: think Dragon Age style), but this made battles rather boring, so it became what it is now.
  15. Battle commands in Comrades were discussed. The team also shared problems and funny anecdotes that came up when they were developing the commands.
  16. Noctis was originally going to have a bachelor party in Galdin Quay, but because of Hajime Tabata, it was deemed that it would be hard to actually relax under the circumstances and was cut. (t/n: assuming そらはない is 空がない, which means something like “restless atmosphere”)
  17. The multiple endings of Episode Ignis troubling at the beginning. There was also debate over what would happen upon putting on the ring. The team started developing from the idea that loss of vision was not an just an aesthetic choice. As for the multiple endings, because the ending of the main game was already good, the alternate ending carries a sense of denial.


As always thank you for reading.

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