The King Of Fighters Comics Something To See But Not Follow

If you are new to The King Of Fighters thanks to XIII and XIV you might be taken back by the fact this game is getting its own manga. While it is the only series that is black and white based on a main titile as well as the only one done with shonen it is not the only one.

The comics for KOF are colorful graphic novels that are something to see but with telling the story not everything adds up. For KOF zillion Iori blocks Terry burnt knuckle using a playing card he enlarges to human size feet. Another problem is during the Nest saga with K being shown to have a love relationship with Kula. These instances are moments where the writers expand on the lore with their own material to add to the character. These moments are one of the reasons  fans don’t follow them.

The other comes with the bosses. Keep in mind these are the strongest fighters in the game except some secret characters. This is why when you talk about the strongest they are in a league of their own or not mentioned as compared to the others. Yet they are defeated mostly by the hero and their team which leads to some cool things but some big problems.  For instance when Kyo takes on Goenitz in the final fight he does using both his flame and the Oriochi flame because he had justified hatred. That is not how you get that flame but he needs something to defeat him. We also see this with Destiny as they see a way to have Kyo defeat Rugal is him tapping into a new level of power which has to happen as you need something to happen in order so that this almighty warrior this almighty threat can be taken down.

But not all the things from the comics are thrown away. As we saw with Destiny Iori back story in the comic is becoming cannon. Iori bio say he hates violence yet he is one of the most violent character in the series. Heck he rips out his enemy neck in one move. The way to explain this is The Oriochi blood inside of him begins to take over turning him into a brutal killer.  We see it happen in the comic KOF r which talks about the characters before the tournament. The difference is place as n the comic Iori begins to lose in front of girls before leaving and starts snapping. In the show he is in alley jamming on his own before it takes over.

This leads fans to see what is the case with manga as primarily to see will we get cannon explanation for the main cast story or not. This is duo to the game being a start to a new saga as well as a reboot of sort as most of the dead character were brought back. And with Verse being basically a rip in time because of Ash and Saiki many fans want to know what new threat is awaiting the fighters in this arc.  I hope this explains the way some maybe see the manga and others before it.  I will post some links below for you to see others while images as well.  These only have a few comics so take what you can.

Comic links:

Spanish kof xii


As always thank you for reading.

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