Hakyu Hoshin Engi Fan Issue Petition

Haky Hohin Engi is the second anime based on the original manga Hoshin Engi and is only a few episodes in as the series started in January. Well it seems fans are liking what they are seeing. A fan petition by a fan calling herself Motohara calls for a halt of production.  While most fan petitions don’t get anywhere this one already has more than a thousand signatures so it has some weight to it.

Motohara outlines the issue with the difference between the new series and the original work and how the episodes flow. Something we have highlighted before talking about it.  The first episode to me felt like a rushed movie from Taikobo being defeated twice in order to realize he is going to need help. The pacing does drive me crazy but that is me. Let see what she   has to say.

“In the first episode, the petition states that because the main character of Ō Kijin was cut (he only appears as a cameo), the protagonist Taikōbō’s actions do not make sense, making him seem like a fool. Motohara believes that the depiction of Taikōbō is weak, and the lack of appeal surrounding the character is a fatal flaw.

In the second episode, the petition states that the timing of Bunchū’s scene and Taikōbō and Nataku’s fight scene doesn’t make sense. Also, the beginning of every episode teases the episode’s ending scene and fails to connect and fit well in the story.”

Now before we come up with this is just upset fans remember these fans are viewers and if they don’t like the series it can lead to low numbers. Right now the petition is at 1,397 signatures of its 1,500-signature goal. It is asking for them stop production to deal with the problems mentioned and then coming back. The article doesn’t have the response from the anime staff so we will see where this goes.


As always thank you for reading.

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