Street Fighter V Arcade Edition Blanka Tips

Blanka is a returning character to Street Fighter V Arcade Edition. Yet is he has some nuances that can make him new to even the most veteran SF characters . For those who are still lost here at some tips thanks to

Use Electric Thunder to set up traps

Before his official launch, Blanka’s Electric Thunder special move saw a nerf. Upon release we noticed that this attack was +2 on block instead of the +3 we saw previously, which means he has a little less advantage and access to a few less frame traps.

Despite this, Blanka’s thunder attack can actually put him into a positions that allow him to beat out 3-frame normal attacks he wouldn’t beat normally. For example, if you cancel cr. MP into regular thunder, it will push Blanka out far enough to make another cr. MP beat Menat’s st. LK and get a counter hit.

Click images for animated versions

Doing this allows you to continue pressuring, create some mix ups, and make the opponent hesitant to hit buttons — which is extremely important.

EX thunder is also great for offensive pressure as it moves Blanka forward a bit when performed and leaves him at +6 on block. This can be used for an automatic frame trap into st. MK, which can then be easily hit confirmed into target combo for damage and positioning.

Be sure to experiment with Blanka’s various special cancel-able buttons into thunder to see which set ups work most effectively against your toughest match ups!


Earlier this week, I put together a story about how much I love Blanka’s Wild Hunt command throw. Everything I said there still stands, and be sure to read up on the move’s uses there.

As a quick recap, Blanka’s different command throws are very useful. The heavy and EX versions travel nearly full screen and EX has projectile invincibility starting on frame 3.

Once you get your opponent afraid to hit buttons with the above thunder pressure tactics, mixing in command throws will become incredibly effective.

Whether you’re using them to punish from long range, to close the distance quickly, in mix ups, or for tricky pressure up close, never forget that command throw is your friend and should definitely be utilized. Just try not to get too predictable with them.

st. Lk, cr. MP frame trap

Even though Electric Thunder is no longer +3 on block, Blanka’s st. LK happens to be. This sets up a great tick throw, as well as my favorite frame trap — st. LK, cr. MP.

Using this string up close will beat out 3-frame buttons, and if you keep in mind the thunder tactics from tip #1, you can make for some great offensive pressure.

What’s cool about this frame trap is, if you cancel the medium punch into thunder you’ll either get a free combo (if they hit a button) or get pushed back enough to set up more pressure. If the combo lands, you can use Blanka’s forward hop and an immediate st. HK for a set up that covers normal and back recovery.

St. HK is -5 on block, though, so if it’s blocked after normal recovery you might want to pop V-Trigger to stay safe.

Slide into their DMs V-Trigger

Speaking of V-Trigger cancels, using Blanka’s down-forward + HP slide to set yours up is a good idea.

Since this character wants to be up close and personal with opponents, sliding in and canceling into V-Trigger not only gets you in safely, but it also makes for some solid frame traps.

From point-blank range, slide cancelled into V-Trigger leaves Blanka at +4 on block (I believe, those numbers are so damn fast). From here, Blanka can hit cr. MK for a counter hit set up, which can be combo-ed into his V-Skill slash for great damage.

From further out, Blanka can hit a st. HK for another counter hit set up. But if you’re not feeling that, you can quickly transition into Back Step Rolling instead for a potential cross up.

V-Trigger 1 is really good. Use it.

Now, you’ve probably seen all of the crazy V-Trigger 2 videos being shared on Twitter. When an opponent blocks a Beast Ball, Blanka can zip behind them for a tricky cross up 50/50 mix up.

While I don’t doubt that those set ups are effective (and pretty cheap), V-Trigger 1 has been my go-to since day one.

This V-Trigger, called Jungle Dynamo, powers up nearly all of Blanka’s special moves. Essentially, his thunder and rolling attacks all become the EX versions of themselves (or close to it) but do not waste super meter.

Beast Ball acts like the EX version in that it travels through the opponent on hit and can be followed up with the V-Trigger 1 version of Up Ball. Unfortunately, it is not quite as safe as the EX version on block.

Though Dynamo Electric Thunder is not +6 on block like the EX version (it’s +2), it does move Blanka forward when performed and can be followed up for a juggle combo.

Back Step Rolling in V-Trigger 1 gets a big improvement: it can cross up. This two hit attack can have its distance controlled (like the EX version) and leaves the opponent in a juggle state when it hits. You can follow up with thunder, then an Up Ball for great damage.

But perhaps the best part of V-Trigger 1 is the improvements to Up Ball. In this powered up state, all versions of this move act like the EX.

This means you get three free invincible reversals without using super meter. It’s pretty great.

V-Trigger 1 also gives Blanka access to another attack called Ground Shave Rolling. Since the move was nerfed before launch and no longer breaks guard on full charge, it doesn’t seem too useful outside of some combos.


As always thank you for reading.

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