Tsukihime Vs Fate/Stay Night Fan Fiction Part 2 Blade Of Heroes

We will now look at the second part our fan fiction Tsukihime vs Fate/Stay Night. We talked about what would be the cause as vampires aka the dead apostles corrupting the grail making various forces act.

Now we look at two of the characters who would respond with Shiki and Shiro. Both have grown since there respected series ended. Shiro went the to the tower and Shiki powers grew as he traveled killing dead apostles.

We will start this break down with Shiro. Now we should say that Shiro is capped as his magic is not that strong. In fact in comparison he is about as capable as his adopted father was which if you didn’t see Fate/0 he was not that good in magic. But what he does have is unlimited blade works which allows him to craft many weapons and at the end of the series we already see he is perfect archer blades. I think his growth would have him at maybe using some of the weapons of myth. Similar to Gilgamesh using phantasm and anti phantasm weapons alike. With his time at the tower and thanks to the holy grail war he has gained a nice amount of skills to complement the weapons. It will be something that makes him a mage assassin to be reckoned with. No granted his because of his magical limitation he must be careful how much he uses his phantasm so he will probably have weapons on stand by he can materialize or teleport to him for major use and the phantasm for the big stuff.

Next we look at Shiki who when other self appeared was someone to be feared. That has only grown as in a drama CD that was supposed to be an introduction o Tsukhime 2 he is given the nickname Death and is feared by the dead apostles. However unlike Shiro Shiki growth is hard to pin down.  His growth came with new personalities as we saw in the series when he acted differently and thus gained different abilities. With his eyes no so powerful that the mystic eye killer no longer work he has to wrap them but lets say for story sake he has some control now. Better late then ever.  With that under control he gains a new weapon for dealing with high level vampires something that will give him a shield since Shiki likes to fight with little restriction. But personal his power will grow with a new personality. Now we can see this happening the same we can see thanks to Shiki Ryougi. Her growth can be seen as something similar to his as a personalities can grant him new  feet of power. What this will be is something that should be teased. What this personality should offer is some magic. Having create a storm that effect his enemy but not him thus he can tear them apart with no problem.

But these are my thoughts on it let me know what you think.

As always thank you for reading.

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