Shadow Hearts 4 Radiance Links Ben Yuri Fan Fiction

It has been awhile since we talked about Shadow Hearts and  watching someone playthrough covenant I was reminded about how much the story focused on Amon. A focus that to me showed that Seraphic Radiance.

Hear me out. We know that Ben Yuri father would be the hero for the next entry of the series instead of Johnny. ben has been the human protector for Yuri when it comes to Seraphic Radiance for both games. And with Amon intense power slowing down the curse you can only imagine with Radiance power they might be able to break it.

But I think the powerful god spirit will be more than just a one way solution. With its link to Ben I think we might have had more between them. Remember Ben lost his life to Seraphic Radiance and then has to protect his own son soul from it twice. To me I would see Ben having to not only figure out how to use the powerful entity but also dealing with it mark on his mind through out the story.

I would also imagine we run into more stories about people meeting Seraphic Radiance. This would be small as only a few have but we would be introduced to more powerful spirits on the same level. Spirits that might be up for Ben and Kurando father to use in order to make the spirit help them. heck Ben might even use it himself.

To bring everything together they would have the same moment Yuri had with Albert in Covenant.  Where after over coming Radiance he sees the son he knew with all of his memories lost with in the spirit. At least that is my think for it let me know yours thoughts on what could have been.

As always thank you for reading.

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