Devil May Cry 5 Dante & Nico Meet

We have some more news on Devil May Cry 5. The news comes who Interviewed Hidekia, Matt and the rest of the development team at Gamescom. They talk about a few things such as Dante knowing Nico but not what the relationship is since her grandmother died shortly after making Ebony and Ivory. We also learn that the next new demo will be at TGS(Toky Game Show) 2018 and it will focus on Dante. They tried to get answers on the third guy aka V(Or Vergil as many of us believe it is him) but they got nothing. You can check it out below.

Q1: Hi everyone, could you present yourself and explain your role within [the team*]?

Hideaki Itsuno: Hello, I am Hideaki Itsuno, director of Devil May Cry V.

Michiteru Okabe: Pleased to meet you, I am Michiteru Okabe, senior producer.

Matt Walker: And I am Matt Walker, also producer of Devil May Cry V.

* The original text technically says “within DMC5”, but it implies the dev team. It felt more accurate to directly translate it as “team”.


Q2: One of the first questions that came up when seeing the trailer for the first time was thetime during which this Devil May Cry game happens. Do the events of this opus happen before or after Devil May Cry 2?

HI: Wah… (takes a long pause to think) Devil May Cry V happens well* after Devil May Cry 2.

* The interviewer meant “indeed”, without being able to tell the exact amount of years between the events of the games.


Q3: Can you tell us more about the changes made to Nero and how he evolved since the fourth episode*?

HI: Devil May Cry V starts some years after Devil May Cry 4 and Nero grew up a bit. He was just a teenager in Devil May Cry 4, now he is older and more of a man than before. He lost his Devil Bringer, and Nico created this incredible mechanical arm capable of overcoming demons, the Devil Breaker, to replace it.

* Meaning 4th game.


Q4: We know that along with Nero and Dante, a third character will be playable. We also know that you can’t reveal too much informations on his* identity, but could you tell us when you will communicate about him*?

MW: (points at the third character on the poster) This guy? This character? (laughs)

* The pronouns used here are male pronouns in French (“son”, “lui”).


Q5: So it’s a man?

MW: Is it a man? Is it a girl? (laughs)

MO: Here at Gamescom, we chose to showcase Nero’s gameplay and, if you wait a bit more, we will reveal more details about Dante during Tokyo Game Show 2018. So it leaves the third character. Is it a man, is it a woman? For now we just want to let fans appropriate these questions and theorise on this character.


Q6: Since there are three characters, should we expect the story to be divided in three equal parts like Resident Evil 6, or will it be mainly focused on Nero with the possibility to play the other characters at times?

MW: Oh that’s a good question. (laughs)

HI: Devil May Cry V happens during one single storyline*, where each of these characters will have a role to play. They will meet and interact with each other.

* The word originally used is “timeline” but “storyline” is more precise.


Q7: Can you describe the relationship between Nero and Dante?

HI: Dante and Nero met in Devil May Cry 4, they know each other, have an incredible and massive respect for each other relating to what both of them accomplished, so you can bet that they will meet and interact during the game.


Q8: Will they fight each other like in the previous game?

HI: (laughs) Wait and see.


Q9: In the demo, we noticed that the Devil Breaker acted in fact like a consumable and not like an unlimited power. Why did you make this choice? Is it because the Devil Bringer was deemed too powerful?

HI: It’s an excellent observation and yes, the Devil Bringer was considered a bit too powerful. More than that, we had never put consumable weapons in [the games] before [that one] and I wanted to see what would happen if we introduced such a weapon, see how it would affect gameplay and how the players would grasp the idea of playing with the Devil Breaker.That would lead them to wonder: “how to use the Devil Breaker? When to use it? And in which order should I use the various Devil Breakers during my progression within the level?”

* [the games] initially was “a Devil May Cry (game)” but it was better to tweak it a bit to have a clean translation. [one] was “episode”, but it’s been tweak for the reasons previously stated as well.


Q10: So, how many arms will be available in the game?**

HI: There will be eight standard Devil Breaker in the game.


Q11: Can you tell us more about the use of photo-realism and how it affects the gameplay? In the demo, since the animations are more realistic, we noticed it was a bit more difficult to cancel the combos.

HI: You know, it’s an excellent question. When you aim for photo-realism, you can’t use the same methods of development than usual. If you introduce cancels that are too sudden, with the vision of photo-realism it would create a result that is irrealistic and strange. That didn’t suit us. We call this phenomenon the “Uncanny Valley of Action” when it appears. So we made a lot of efforts to adapt the game so we could produce natural movements that go together with the realistic aspect of the game, while still having the impression that this game possesses the most reactive commands a Capcom game can have. When you’ll have the chance to play the game longer, you will see that it procures the sensation of a true Devil May Cry game, but that we also made a lot of efforts so the visuals are always as goos as the gameplay.


Q12: About Nico, can you tell us how Nero will interact with her? Does he have to call her like we’ve seen at the beginning of the latest trailer?

HI: Nico is quite cute, isn’t she? (laughs) Your observation is correct, you’ll find booths within the levels that you’ll be able to use to call Nico. As soon as Nico has answered the phone, she arrives driving her Devil May Cry van, which is also her office. Then Nero can exchange his red orbs to get various services, such as increasing his abilities, getting new ones or [have new Devil Breaker built for him*].

* The original sentence was “build new Devil Breaker for him”, but it wasn’t making it clear that it’s Nico who builds them, and not Nero.


Q13: Will Dante also be able to interact with Nico?

HI: (after a long exchange with Matt and Okabe) The answer is yes. (laughs)


Q14: In the trailer, we’ve seen Dante use his bike as a weapon* (which is really cool by the way). Should we expect him to have access to other weapons of that kind? Weapons that can turn into other objects or means of transportation?

HI: About Dante, we also think that the bike truly is an incredible weapon and we hope players will like what they’ll see. Concerning weapons that can change into vehicles, if you check the latest trailer you’ll see that Nero has a Devil Break that launches rockets, which he uses like some sort of hooverboard, so it’s another example of that type of weapon.

* Friendly reminder that while the bike is heavily suspected of being a Devil Arm, nothing official has been said about it, so the word “weapon” is used instead, both in the original interview and this translation.


Q15: Will there be a public demo in the future?

MO: Just like the mysterious third character, we want everybody to imagine what could happen in the future. (laughs)


Q16: What did you learn with the last DmC and your collaboration with Ninja Theory?

HI: We had a close collaboration with Ninja Theory on DmC. I’ve been to Cambridge every two months just to work with them myself. It was an incredible teamwork and we learned a lot from them. I mean, when we talk about style, Ninja Theory perfectly incarnates it. We learned so much on the style used for artistic direction, as well as what style implied in animation. We took these lessons and did our best to take advantage of what we have learned for Devil May Cry V.


Q17: To conclude, do you have an anecdote about the development or an exclusive info to tell to our readers?

HI: Here at Gamescom, you only have some minutes to play the demo, but if you check outside of the main path you’ll find secret places, so if you have the occasion to test the demo, don’t hesistate to check around you.


Thanks for your answers and your time.


As always thank you for reading.

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