Dragon Ball Super Broly CG Break Down

Dragon Ball Super Broly is looking to be great but it won’t be pure drawing as there will be CG in the movie. The goal sounds like the rest of the movie to have the art on at top notch as well as the CG.

“Director Tatsuya Nagamine wanted the producers to take full advantage of CG for the film’s battles because the film will take place in multiple locations. There’s even one setting that could only be realized in CG animation (which is being touted as the film’s standout sequence). Each transformation has its own character model, with Broly receiving many for his incremental transformations throughout the film. Not to mention the many battle damaged models needed to be made, too.

With the CG this time around, Nagamine gave the CG artists freedom in how they will portray the characters and they didn’t feel confined by following the way characters looked in the previous films. There will be traditionally animated sequences in between these moments of CG, but there was a major effort in trying to keep up the pace of the CG animated battles with the 2D ones.”


As always tank you for reading.

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