The King Of Fighters War For Neo Geo Universe ?

I was on YouTube awhile back and me and someone else was talking and began discussing The King Of Fighter XIV ending and what it would amount to. Basically his theory was that the fighting game ending was warning that the kof fighter are now about to enter a battle for the Neo Geo universe aka SNK universe as Verse aims to bring it all to an end. With that in mind using comic book logic everyone will have to pull out all the stops to keep it from happening. But how would that look.

First of all to me we would have characters to be at a level they have never been at before. Keep in mind that most of the characters have never had beyond super human power before. At best there are three with Athena, Ash and Chris. Chris and Ash at the moment have a link to these power way above human and almost close to god. For example we have Chris who has had a link to the Oriochi as he was chosen not just to be a heavenly king but a host. Ash because he was possessed by Saiki when he took his power is in the same boat. Athena has link to god power which explains her psychic powers.

But for the others they are not at that level. The best thing we have to that level or equivalent is Iori and Leona with blood riot. For those who don’t know Iori and Leona are members of the Oriochi family they just don’t fit in or refuse to be with them. Proof of this comes in the form of blood riot which increases there power and speed at the coast of control. Imagine now they did have control of it though. Leona would be faster (which she is one of the fastest characters in the game.) And she is already learning how to channel the power as with her Climax her hair turns red which is indication of Oriochi power.

Iori would be different though. If he can channel both the crimson flame which his family always had (which I guess is a power of Gaia) combined with the furious power and speed he gets from the Oriochi and we would have an Iori we have never seen before. He might even be at the level of a heavenly king. We just don’t know as in the game lore he has never mastered using both before. in 2003 he tapped into it for his ultimate trinity super but that was it.

Now compared to that we have no one with a power boost to compare. Kensou does have a power of Gaia with his dragon chi but he shares that with Bao and from what we have seen it grants him his abilities as they. Ryo has shown greater power in the SNK universe with r. Karate but it isn’t clear why that is. It might just be thanks to him reaching a certain level with his training. You can also count Terry in this as for the Fatal Fury movies they showed him having a high enough Chi that he can challenge a god with Mars by himself. The thing is though that is not cannon which makes the small boast he gets when fighting Krauser the closest we get for maybe showing a higher power in cannon.

With that said this leaves the other characters and how they would walk into this. Now for K. I see him as simple enough finding out that there was some bio tech that wasn’t activated inside of him that allowed him to tap the cosmic power the same way Igniz did only briefly. Basically you would see the difference in his maxed super and maybe his ex moves. Terry I think should be similar to how Geese was in destiny getting some power up from the scroll to get him in the game. Athena would use the full power of the Goddess with Chin teaching her how to. Which leaves Kyo, Kim and Shue.

Now Shue I see learning more about abilities and getting control of them as he linked to Verse we just don’t know how. But for Kyo and Kim there really is no boast I can think of. With Kim many of his team mates and his sons take his moves and make there own adding fire, electricity you name it. But that doesn’t give them a power boost just more flair for the dramatic. This leave us with an unknown way on how Kim would be in this fight. With how fans like him so much and his character sense justice I don’t see him avoiding this fight. At the same time I am having trouble thinking of way he would be able to help.

Kyo is in the same boat. Kyo has power of fire but unlike Iori and Ash it his creativity that with his power that makes the difference. Power in different ways goes to Ash and just brutal strength with flame  is with Iori. But also unlike K he has no quick way I can think off. Now Kyo has had power boast in the past but they never made much sense as people basically had him balance out the Oriochi flames with normal ones. The problem is the way the did it just doesn’t work. To get the power of the Oriochi you will have to swear allegiance or someone swear allegiance to it long ago.  But that isn’t the problem with Kyo as the power boost he gets is that he balance with the hatred flame of the Oriochi through justified revenge. So Kyo would need something more  else story wise that would make sense.

Now I have said the big teams and there leaders as I see the taking the front lines. That doesn’t meant if this plays out they are the only ones. But know SNK if they did do this they would buff the true team (not an edited one) towards the end when facing the boss. But how that turns out will be up to us. I say that as SNK when making KOF goes into detail on why the teams are formed and their motivation. But when it comes to who and how the final blow is dealt to the boss. We have only had that happen once with The Oriochi as Kyo and Iori took him out. You see this with there team up move in Neo Geo Battle Colosseum where Iori holds the enemy in place and Kyo punches him. Everyone other time it is the player imagination as to how the fight went down. At best we all agree on who the final battle is between as the fight usually is between the main character of that saga and the villain. But these are just my thoughts let me know yours .

As always thank you for reading.

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