Dragon Ball Super Broly Aya Hisakawa On Replacing Hiromi Tsuru

We lost the woman who played Dragon Ball Bulma Last year wit the lose of Hiromi Tsuru do to a fatal car crash. She was replaced by Aya Hisakawa during the last of the season for Dragon Ball Super the tournament of power.

As we prepare for Dragon Ball Super Broly Aya reprises her role yet again as she brings the longtime series favorite to life. But this also bring us to reflect on Hiromi something she opens up about. Below is the translated statements from comicbook.com. You can check them with the link below.

“Hisakawa worked with Hiromi Tsuru on numerous other series, so for her Bulma is a sacred role. She felt a lot of pressure standing there before the mic, but it all went away the moment the recording session began. She’s also worked with director Nagamine on many other series before and knows how passionate he can be. However, he didn’t have any specific directions for her performance. His approval of her performance helped solidify her take on the character.”


As always thank you for reading.

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