Final Fantasy VII Remake What We Want To Know From Nomura

Nomura and the rest of the team have started that we will learn more about Final Fantasy VII Remake after Kingdom Hearts 3 release in January. Now while I don’t think this will be immediate as they have to wait for the game to sale I do hope we don’t have to wait till E3 and that it will be a lot of news.

I saw that from the last time we heard about which was magic show showing us some new screenshots till now there has been a lot of time in development which means they should have a lot to show us. And that is something I want to talk about if I may as to what want from the first big press on the game.

Looks has been something as we learned that Cloud doesn’t look the same as last time so get a look at him and the rest in game an cinematic would be ideal. But if I deal won’t work then show us what Nomura thinks is just right so we can all see what he is talking about. Since the first time didn’t look right it would be nice to see what Nomura thought how Cloud looked as well as the rest. And that is if Square Enix don’t show us a new character during this time. The tid bit we got they team have been working up to air buster. Which means that 1 or 2 big characters might be waiting to be shown to us.

Gameplay is another thing as Nomura has talked about adding new elements as well as changing the ones we know. Example he gave not everything will be threw materia. Materia gave yo not only magic to play with like summons but also special commands . For example we have death blow, steal, enemy skill, mug and cutx4 just to name a few.  That and the hub showing another bar along with the bar for action need to be explained.  That is not eve counting what they have done to magic in the game as well.

I hope we get this. I end by saying we need this. Not just some info to show us the game is progressing but information that explains what it will play like when we hopefully get a demo. (A topic for another post.) As we get closer to PS5 announcement many believe that this will be one of the games for launch just like XV was for PS4 and Xbox One. While many think this is true and other don’t the main reason why we are having this conversation is because the game development has been moving forward without one thing to us on is progress. Something that we have been promised we would get and we need to have a lot. Nothing like a 2 hour stream but enough to explain things so we know what is up with it. Below I will post a fan pic of the concept art for the game from the anniversary event next to the original to show the idea of PS5/Xbox Scarlet vs PS4/ Xbox One. We are over due on this and I hope Square Enix finally delivers on it.

As always thank you for reading.

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