Dragon Ball FighterZ Patch Notes Android 16, Bardock, Kid Buu, Beerus & Piccolo

Dragon Ball FighterZ is getting another balance patch. The patch will address character Android 16, Bardock, Kid Buu, Beerus and Piccolo. You can see how they address them below thanks to the notes.  It should be noted that the other will be changed as well and for that I will leave a link to the full page of notes below.

Notable balance changes in the Dragon Ball FighterZ holiday update


• 214X/j.214X: Increased untech time
• Lvl3 Revenger Assault: Increased recovery on hit. Changed distance from opponent on hit

Android 16:

• Z Assist: Blockstun decreased
• 214S: Made it a multi hit move
• 236S: Decreased startup. Recovery on whiff decreased
• Lvl3: Fixed a bug where the last hits could be blocked when Ultimate Z Changing at a specific timing. Changed opponent’s distance after hit


• 214X/j.214X: Decreased startup. Increased movement speed
• 236S: Decreased startup. Decreased total duration
• 214S: Decreased startup. Added armor property during the middle of the move
• Lvl3: Recovery on hit decreased


• 2S: Decreased startup. Increased hitbox
• Assist: The orb no longer disappears during cinematics as long as Piccolo is still on screen
• 236L (Ground): Wall bounces on hit now
• j.236L/H: Decreased startup. Changed the falling speed on hit. Increased untech time
• 3/6S: Increased hitbox. Knocks opponent back on hit. Changed effect on hit
• 3S: Decreased startup

Kid Buu:

• 236L (Ground): Increased startup
• j.236LM (Air lvl1): Increased untech time if it hits on the way down. Made it cross up less often after hitting



As always thank you for reading.

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