Type Moon Nasu Interview No Word On Tsukihime Remake No Problem

The other day Nasu of Type Moon gave an interview with 4Gamer. The interview talked about the 2nd part of Fate/Grand Order and that with that he will shift his focus. Now there was no word on Tsukihime remake from this interview but at the same time that is not a bad thing.

Now yes we want some news on the game but remember we don’t know what is holding up. For the most part the story we all know from the previous game. It is just how do we update for the remake is the question. All be it if that is the question at all. Since we have no idea on the progress of the game we don’t know if the story is in the middle of development or end and they are just working on gameplay now.

We will need an official update to let us know what state game is in as the last we left it we were shown art work and nothing more. I will post a link to the interview below for those are interested.


As always thank you for reading.

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