Konami In 2019. Will We Hear About Big Games ???

2019 is looking to be a big year for videogames but there is one thing we haven’t thought about that might need to be addressed. What will Konami do? They have big games granted with Super Bomber Man R and there soccer ( football if you are not American) games PES. But there other series seems up in the air.

Metal Gear is defiantly up in the air as after Kojima left and the way the company handled it the fate of the series is uncertain. Right now we have survival which to me seems more of a stand in as they try to decide how to proceed with the series. Fans seem to not want to touch the series either but given that it was one of the biggest series I doubt that will stand. As to who would even try to pick up the mantel after Kojima is unknown but it is something I think they should answer as to what they are at least planning on doing with the series. Now this is taking into account the story telling and diverse gameplay that each main title offered will be at the very least a tall order as fans might expect that from the next game. If it happens.

Another franchise that is up in the air is Castlevania. The vampire series hasn’t really moved forward since lords of Shadow series. Right now we have 2 of the series favorites wit Synphony of the night and rondo of blood but as to what awaits the series in the future is uncertain. This is one of the bigger question since Bloodstain ritual of the night is in the works an should come out this year is direct competition for this series. Can’t be helped since one of the most famous developers of the franchise is behind this. Just Metal Gear I don’t see the company let this fade away. Not since the anime is doing so well. But just like MGS it is hard to see who would make the next one let alone if fans want them too. When I say that understand that I don’t mean fans forgetting about he series. No as I see them wanting or craving it the same as always. But with that said whether they will trust this will be good is the question. That is what I mean.

Another series I have question on is Zone Of Enders. We have the VR HD version of the 2nd game with the 2nd Runner. This only brings the question of a third game to light. But there is one problem with this. This was another one of Kojima series so how will they move forward is something I am wondering about. Now granted this isn’t as hard as MGS as ZOE I can see with more freedom as there have only been 2 games with only one having been a crowd favorite which is the 2nd. The last we heard of the third which was ideas on the board from Kojima he was talking about a prequel. With him out of the driver seat it will be interesting to see where the next Director and Producer will take it.  am a little more positive about this one as with HD many think it is a sign that Konami are looking into making a third installment. But are we right in thinking that? While many companies have gone that rout it will be interesting to see if Konami does the same.

This is one of many series the company has that fans would like to see again. I spoke of Bloody Roar last time. But there are many titles it has that people would love to see a new entry in. Along with the titles above why not give us a new Silent Hill? Maybe we can look into a new Contra. Yes Contra which if you think it won’t work for  console game then maybe mobile. Konami has been around for awhile which means it has had time to come up with both good and bad titles. But you must also consider that they have come up with titles that need to right moment or people to bring them to light. While I don’t think we will be getting them this year I think it would do the company good to look into that and see what else they can bring to either this console cycle or the next. But those are my thoughts. Let me know what you think of this.

As always thank you for reading.

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I am a gamer into fighting games perferablly such as King Of Fighters and Street Fighters. Also DMC and Ninja Gaiden as well. In recent years I have become a fan of two shooters. Fear and Resistance."
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