Shenmue III English Voice Acting 70-80 Complete

Some Shenmue III news. According to a new article the game English voice acting is 7-80 % done. We get this as not only a video of the recording session is out but also some pics of the people in the booth for both Ryo and Ling and Yu. You can see them below.


Hey! It’s Corey Marshall! Without Corey, our English speaking Ryo just would not come to life. Corey was set to play Ryo when the project started back in 2015. It did take a quite a while to get into the studio and start recording the English voices, but Corey was full on ready to give a great performance, so expect the best!


Playing our heroine in Shenmue III is Brianna Knickerbocker! Yu-san selected from a number of candidates through audio auditions only, and Brianna stunned with her great performance reel. Finally meeting at the studio, she stunned us again with her beauty. Brianna has acted in a dizzying array of games and animated features, so we will all be looking forward to her portrayal of Shenhua!


As always thank you for reading.

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