The King Of Fighters A New Beginning The Strength Of Team China

As The King Of Fighters A New Beginning continues to move we see more of team China giving more time with 2 of SNK newest fighters. One of them is Meitikune who uses the sleeping fist. In the XIV we don’t get much on him but in the manga it explores this power fighting style. So far we learn of it strength so when we learn about it weaknesses I will have to make another post for now though lets take a look at this sleepy warrior fighting style.

Earlier while training we learned that Meitkune sleepy fist has one fighting while asleep to shut down a part of the brain which controls the bodies limits. This allows Meitukne to fight with insane amount of strength.

We also saw something else displayed in the last chapter. Meitukne can quickly recharge his chi in this style. It is hard to say how fast he can do this as compared to most fighters but since most have to conserve and watch how they use there chi it is something that he can refill at all.

We also have Shun who fights using saint fist style allowing him to conjure to enormous hands to fight with. It is not clear if these arms are made through magic or chi so I will have to get back to you on that but he is able to cover wide rang using them and often keeps hi actual body safe.

But he does have a weakness in the fact he cannot go all out without losing control. In this state he is powerful but it seems to have him at the mercy of Verse trying to stay in control. The manga shows this by having him remove his head set and thus taking on a look we don’t see in XIV.

And now we have Tung the master of the two boys. He is also the master of Geese and grand master to Terry he fights using chi to construct buffer stronger version of him self during certain moves (thus earning him the name SNK Master Roshi). Oddly he only buffs up the top portion.  That is combined with his year of experience which he puts into practice when fighting Robert without looking. For the  most part we see him handle it until Robert gives it his all. This shows the down side of Tung choice in relying on his other sense.

He seems to be trying to figure out what Robert is doing and which he does well until Robert pushes himself and catches Tung with a fast kick. This happens as there is a moment when Tung has to understand what is coming using his other senses to help figure it out. That one moment is all someone needs though to take you out.  But with Tung that is not easy as we say when he just pushed through and won the match.

I did this post as a comparison since the game didn’t dive that deep into all the character story to show some differences with the manga. With that said I don’t know if all of this will become lore as there have been times when SNK manga add things that are never canonized. Granted those things are outrageous but there are still some that are left out. With that said it will be interesting to see where this goes as the manga continues.

As always thank you for reading.


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