Destination PlayStation 2019. Sony New E3

We just heard about Destination PlayStation 2019 thanks to an interview with Shawn Layden discussing why Sony is skipping E3 2019. The event will be 3 days and 2 nights where retailers can show us what to look forward to for the rest of the year as Shawn explained.

“Now we have an event in February called Destination PlayStation, where we bring all retailers and third-party partners to come hear the story for the year. They’re making purchasing discussions in February. June, now, is just too late to have a Christmas holiday discussion with retailers.”

We have no ide who will be at this event as Shawn just mentions it quickly before moving on. But given it will be taken place this month starting February 25th we should start to hear about who is comin shortly.

It will be interesting to see how this goes for Sony.

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