What We Know About The King Of Fighters XV BY KOFWORLD

Fans are looking at SNK not just for a new Samurai Showdown but also to see what they will do with The King OF Fighters XV. Given that we should be learning more about it sooner rather than later fans has the game coming out next year you can only see the information coming out some time this year. But what to expect? Well some fans have put together what we know and it is surprising.

Return of the old is the best to look at as Verse didn’t just bring back character who we thought were dead such as Yasahiro, Chris and Rugal. It will bring back an old enemy in NEST who many think will be more involved as they see from the manga. This may be a reach since it is rarely mangas do accurate story telling for SNK games as comic writer take liberty to branch out the story in the games where story is in short supply when it comes to details.

Looks is also something that comes to mind as we wonder the game will look like. SNK knows KOF XVI wasn’t that good when it came down to looks vowing to do better. But what will that look like? Well we might have some idea thanks to a interview with illustrator Tomohiro Nakata. During the interview we see him working on Raiden who was last seen in XIII. The thing is though those graphics aren’t from XIII meaning we might be seeing Raiden come back as well as a glimpse of the look that SNK is going for. Seems similar to GGXRD. But knowing SNK they will add their own flair.

There is more so check out the video as well as the article to see the whole thing.


As always thank you for reading.

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