Street Fighter V Arcade Edition Guts Custom Out Now

Street Fighter V Arcade Edition has more stuff for player to win. This week is Guts custom for Balrog. The strongest robot master comes to the world fighting tournament through extra battle rewards in pieces you must collect through missions. You can see the list and other info below.

“As with all Extra Battle costumes, a four-week campaign goes live that allows players to complete one special mission each week. Doing so will net you one part of the costume until all four are successfully finished and the full outfit is officially unlocked.

The final mission of the Guts Man costume begins today and will end on March 14th. This challenge, like the others, will run you 2,500 Fight Money per attempt.

Like all Street Fighter 5 costumes, this one features 10 default colors — though you’ll need to unlock 3–10 via Survival or pay $1 — plus it too includes an altered Easter egg look.

On top of the Guts Man costume, you can also complete the mission that unlocks special background music tied to the Mega Man series. This challenge also ends on March 14th and will only cost you 1,000 FM per attempt.”

There is more info on other extra battles as well. Check them out below to see if you are interested as we cover Zangief to mech characters.

“Zangief’s special “The Gief” outfit is also available now in Fighting Chance. As the name suggests, you’ll have to purchase fortune tickets to try and unlock the costume, but the amount you spend will vary for everyone.

At this point in time, Capcom is granting fans another opportunity to unlock the mech costumes by way of Extra Battle and Fight Money. Robotic looks for Zangief, Abigail, Juri, and F.A.N.G. are seeing their campaigns run again, with this week being the third mission for each.

You can go in and play them all or pick and choose which you’d like to try and unlock. Each mission will run you 2,000 FM (instead of the usual 2,500 FM), and standard Extra Battle costume rules apply — which means you need to complete all four missions for each to receive the costume.”


As always thank you for reading.

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