Samurai Shodown Reboot Would Like A Guest Character

As we keep are eyes and ears open for Samurai Shodown news we can’t help but wonder who will be in the rooster. With most of the cast being returning fighter with 3 ne faces we wonder who will make in other than who we have seen. One thing we haven’t though about though is guest characters.

While Common for Namco games such as Soul Calibur or Tekken SNK really hasn’t done that with fighters outside of its universe. Yet Oda wouldn’t mind seeing a guest character who would fit in the game. Whether it is a swordsman from Lord of the rings or a Jedi from Star Wars. If it is good for Namco it is good for us.

“Yeah, we’re definitely interested, especially in finding a character that really fits this kind of gameplay.” Oda

[As far as dream guest characters go, Kuroki would want Star Wars protagonist Luke Skywalker in the mix. Oda would pick either a Mobile Suit from the Gundam series or Aragorn from The Lord of the Rings — since Samurai Shodown is a weapon-based fighter and Aragorn wields a sword. ] This just seems if you ask them they would be okay with it.

Now lets be honest I wouldn’t mind them getting characters like those from Soul Calibur or even Samurai Jack from Cartoon Network. But with that said lets keep it in reason SNK. Please as it will bug fans. What do you think about the idea of SNK getting there first guest character.


As always thank you for reading.

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