Final Fantasy VII Remake Will Naoki Being Co Director Confirms News ???

We got some news with Final Fantasy VII Remake when we learn Naoki Hamaguchi who was brought in as Lead Designer was moved up to Co director. But many people are wondering if this confirming we will get some news on the remake or not? I argue it doesn’t have any effect on that.

You see Naoki has been on the team for abut a year now and when he was confirmed many thought he was coming as director or lead thanks to translations. His role on the team has been vital according to Nomura comparing to his other co director from Kingdom Hearts 3. Also his position is something that was announced as the investors were told the company will be doing restructuring.  Which means that Naoki status change or announcing of it doesn’t effect whether we will get news on the game progress. So will we not get news?

If you follow me you know that is not the case. If you are new though let me walk you through it. We know Nomura and the others have plenty to show us. One we know all the character have been redesigned in someway that only a few people have seen as they showed the new look to a select group. Also thanks to Naoki recruitment photo on the website we see they are a lot further than the guard scorpion. The image showed the air buster and given the promise they made we can guess they have gotten further than that by now. Second we still now next to nothing about battle system other than it will include attack, magic and limit breaks. Something that we have been told is only scratching the surface. Basically a lot we have been asking for and a lot to show.

So Naoki position doesn’t change the fact on if we get news or not. He  In my eyes the team behind FF7R has more than a little to show and explain. Plus keep this in mind many believe the new trailer we all hope fore will be unveiled before E3 this year similar to Kh3. But what do you think about all this? Let me know.

As always thank you for reading.

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