Mortal Kombat XI DLC Guest Characters Intros Leaked ???

Mortal Kombat XI has a new leak with only days until the game release. This time the rumored leak shows off intro with DLC guest Characters. If you don’t want to be spoiled stop now as this might be a thing and thus you will be spoiled. AGIAN SPOILERS AHEAD.

Spawn vs. Ash Williams:

Ash: You don’t look like the demons I know.

Spawn: Think of me as Hell’s avenging angel.

Ash: This is because I read the book, isn’t it?

Ash: This is because I read the book, isn’t it?

Spawn: How’d you like to wear that smile on your ass?

Ash: Hard pass. I only wear American denim.

Spawn vs. Joker:

Joker: What’s your name, beautiful boy?

Spawn: Call me Spawn.

Joker: Well, Spawn, that’s a lovely cape.

Joker: You look like a hugger, bring it in!

Spawn: I’ll turn you inside-out ass-first, Clown.

Joker: I love it when they talk dirty!

Spawn vs. Raiden:

Raiden: You remind me of another Dark Knight.

Spawn: The billion-dollar crusader? He’s a friend.

Raiden: It seems we are both well traveled.

Raiden: Hellspawn of the Eighth Sphere.

Spawn: Show me your dark side.

Raiden: You shall not pass!

Joker vs. Terminator

Joker: You know, you remind me of Bats.

Terminator: Who?

Joker: Just another jerk with no sense of humor.

Joker: Would you like to smile?

Terminator: This is beyond my programming.

Joker: Such a party pooper.

Spawn vs. Scorpion/Noob Saibot

Noob: Fellow Hellspawn!

Spawn: Hmm. You one of Malebolgia’s?

Noob: I serve only the shadows.

Noob: A legion of souls is within you.

Spawn: Power like this doesn’t come free.

Noob: “Then I will steal it.”

Scorpion: Another of Hell’s generals.

Spawn: Recognize the uniform, Scorpion?

Scorpion: I recognize Malebolgia’s stink.

Terminator vs. Johnny Cage/Kabal

Kabal: Gonna chop you up and sell you for parts.

Terminator: Your swords cut coitan-titanium alloys?

Kabal: “Like a hot knife through butter.

Johnny: Dude, you have “blockbuster” written all over you!

Terminator: Where?

Johnny: Ha! And he’s a comedian!


As always thank you for reading.

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