Can Final Fantasy VII Remake Lead To More JRP. Shadow Hearts & More???

JRPG fans are looking at Square Enix as the feeling that they will show new Final Fantasy VII Remake content grows. Seeing a fans video (Final Fantasy Peasant) on how great the game can be made me think about something else. Peasant argues that the can be a masterpiece which entices new fans while reigniting the love for the genre as well as for the game in general for old ones. To see Final Fantasy VII Remake and be taken in by the graphics as it tells you this visual story as you the player ride, fight enjoy the ride. This got me thinking about what if FF7R can be used as a door to prove that JRPG worth making. Not just for the fans who are working there and the fans but also the companies involved from those are still in the video game making business.

The ide comes from the way fighting gamer view Street Fighter 4. The fighting genre was not dead yes as we had The King Of Fighters, Blazblue and Virtual Fighter. But when SF4 came on the scene the community got energized once more. This also reflected resurgence. And given this some thought I figured the same thing can happen with Final Fantasy VII Remake. It will shows the old school fans are there (which from the remake reveal they know are here and there is plenty of us) as well as the fact new fans will jump in. (To be fair we also kind of know this thanks to the reaction videos as not all of the people where for the PS1 era.)

While I see this as a way for maybe start a conversation between Wildrose and Universal Entertainment for Shadow Hearts (If you know me than you knew that was coming)  I think we can go further. If FF7R is a big hit and I mean a knock out than you can show the JRPG genre of games is something to look into and we might get Sony to look at Legend Of Dragon 2, maybe a Grandia and just maybe a new Skies Of Arcadia ( I know Yu said he might look at after Shenmue 3. But this can help him with the argument.) While you can say that FF7 was such a big game that this might only work with it I would like to argue against that. Seeing lets play of JRPG from different people shows that the genre isn’t just living on Persona and Final Fantasy. Gamers are hungry for other titles in this field. In this genre. Especially not that we can make gameplay and story different so that both are different experiences to enjoy.

I bring this up as one of the arguments back in the day was that turn base was turn of and many rpg had that element. Well as we seeKH3 and Final Fantasy VII Remake that you can make them a JRPG and for some that can work beautifully. I say this argument can be made for Legend of Legaia. Since you put in depad commands to get special just making them button combination or certain directions with that said button similar to Devil May Cry or Ninja Gaiden makes sense to me. We also have to keep in mind that turn base is still okay as proven with Persona 5. This means if you want make Skies Of Arcadia 2 turn base or maybe the next Shadow Hearts you could depending on you the play style to go. This gives you as much variety with gameplay as there are with titles presented. At leas that is the way I see it. The fans are here Sony ,Nintendo & Microsoft. We just need to seem them again and in some ways a new. If a remake can’t be done a new installment will satisfy.

Will this happen I don’t know. Can it happen? It might as the point of this article is that if f one title can get fans hyped and out of there seats. (Or doing anything else as a sign of happiness) Than it can work for others. It is possible and that is something to look forward and even though some of these titles are long shots it is still something hope for. I will post the YouTube pages for these lets plays to prove my point on people being interested below As for the video I have put into this post please support those who make them. Check them out and give them a like or subscribe I will post Pez vide below. Go check him out if you want to be entertained by it.

As always thank you for reading.

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I am a gamer into fighting games perferablly such as King Of Fighters and Street Fighters. Also DMC and Ninja Gaiden as well. In recent years I have become a fan of two shooters. Fear and Resistance."
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