PlayStation 5 & 4 To Share Exclusives

With the specs revealed for PlayStation 5 many are wondering the type of games we will be getting. However as we here more about the PS5 another question is coming up more and more. Is the PS5 going to share exclusives with PS4. While we think of this as silly to ask since PS5 will be backwards compatible with PS4 and thus we would share games naturally I am talking about starting line up exclusives..

While you may be thinking Final Fantasy VII Remake it isn’t the only that gamers are unsure about. Beyond Good & Evil 2 is still in development and  while we told that it was coming out for the PS4. Fans are having doubts as both of these titles would be great launch titles given the fan following they have.

Now we have not heard either Ubisoft or Square Enix say the games will be coming out for next gen. Many fans assume it as they heard little about the project and that has them thinking that one of the news updates will be the game moves to the PS5. At the moment we have only Ubisoft saying Beyond Good & Evil 2 will be Sony exclusive (which doesn’t really answer the questions). As for Square Enix we have them hiring people to work on it with PS4 experience as with Kitase saying it is being made for the PS4. Given though how we didn’t learn about versus becoming a FFXV and moving to the PS4 until the next show.

Hopefully fans who have been waiting for these games will get them on the consoles they brought for them as for some that is one of the biggest reasons to get a console. But we will find out as they will either saying something about them as to whether they are staying on current gen or moving to next gen.

Image result for beyond good and evil 2

Image result for beyond good and evil 2


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