Drago Ball Super Broly Akira On Saiyan Parenting

Dragon Ball Super Broly touched on Saiyans and there parenting. Akira Toriyama sits down to talk about what the movie revealed about the Saiyans ways of up bringing. Basically Paragus and King Vegeta wanted to use there sons to further there ambition. Also being strong they would be a great addition to the Saiyan race. Bardock on the other hand broke from tradition as he as taking a liking to hi son as he wants him to live. Akira also notes that Bardock might be a better father than Goku as Goku doesn’t seem to think about his kids. Check it out.

“Innately, Saiyans place emphasis on increasing the number of strong people in their race, so bonds between parent and child aren’t all that strong. King Vegeta and Paragus aim to use their sons to fulfill their own pride and ambitions, respectively, while Bardock, unusually for a Saiyan and more similarly to Earthlings, seems to have just a bit of fondness for his son. Come to thing ot it, Goku doesn’t seem to thing about his children all that much.

The book outlines some additional side-conversation from Toriyama on the subject, in which the topic of why Vegeta has developed into more of a caring father figure than Goku (answer: Bulma), while it’s also pointed out that it was ironically Bardock’s affection for his son (as seen in the retconned Dragon Ball Super: Broly origin story) that would eventually bring the universe the savior that is Goku.

In regards to Goku: a lot of the fan debate about his parenting skills isn’t geared toward whether or not he’s a good father or not – people know that he cares about his sons Gohan and Goten, and his granddaughter Pan. It’s just that Goku tends to be overly focused on fighting rather than parenting, or working a job, or domestic duties (sorry Chi-Chi) – and as a result of all that fighting, Goku has spent some key times of his children’s lives literally putting the “dead” in “deadbeat Dad.”


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