Bungou Stray Dogs Season 3 Ep 5 Talk Truce

This past episode of Bungou Stray Dogs was a gag as one little lady gives a comical chase. If you don’t know what I am talking about it is episode 5  of season 3 of EP 30. If you haven’t seen please check out as there are spoiler ahead. SPOILER WARNRING NOW.

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The show was comical as we learn what port mafia Gin looked liked underneath that mask much like the other episode there was more than that. Higuchi brings up the fact that there is a truce between Port Mafia and the armed detective agency. This was originally for season 2 so they can fight off the guild. The thing about that the guild is defeated so why still have the truce? Well it seem both of the groups leaders have something up there selves.

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But that is not all as we see the armed detective agency cut lose when there café is attacked. This is important for 2 reasons. 1 the attacking gang find out that the other criminals wont mess with the agency other than the port mafia as do we. At least not the big crime families. Not only that but the this crime group was lied to as they basically attack the café to get stuff from the agency left over from the guild which was already gone as Dazia pointed out. This lie might have come from Fyodor to keep the Agency busy while prepares his plan. As we know both Port Mafia and Armed detective Agency are his targets. Also a small note is that Lucy is working at the café.

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We also get  new character for the agency in retired member aiding them with the chip found in Moby dick controls. He is not only good with computers as a skill but he also has a gift with technology that will most likely come in handy. Or at least a point a focus as the team begins digging into the last seconds of the fight when someone else claimed control. Where this leads them from here is something that will be exciting to watch.

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As always thank you for reading.

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