Melty Blood After Tsukihime Remake

It has been a long while since we last talked about Tsukihime Remake. The last time was the April joke where I mentioned it would be a good idea to let the same fan who did do a Tsukihime based anime. Now there has been no news as fans are only hoping that with Type Moon saying they are planning to wrap up Fate/Grand Order that we hear of Tsukihime Remake this year. But given how I like to keep hope alive I had a thought. What if we got the remake this would go into Melty Blood getting remade a well and that is what we all want.

Image result for melty blood actress again character select

If you don’t know Melty Blood is based on the good ending of Tsukihime and for the most part is what most people want. But if we get what will it look like. This will focus on aspect of that with the characters. Now as far as this goes I am thinking everyone gets another version of themselves you can select as the player. We have this in some way as in Melty Blood most characters have an alter or true version of themselves. And even when they use there strongest attacks. For example we have Akiha going true crimson in her strongest attack and she can also play as that. But the same cannot be for Kishima who is a true crimson but doesn’t have a playable version.

Image result for melty blood actress again kishima arc drive

Image result for melty blood actress again akiha vs vermilion

I see this be a thing primarily do to the fact since we are there for most. But I only see one extra character happening or at least I would do that. I say this as Arucard has 3 versions of her self. Between normal, vermilion and true ancestor we have a nice selection. I think there would be 1 normal and another extra. Since we are using Arucard as an example I say we should have her normal self with her dark side appearing from time to time and than her true ancestor aka arc type earth as the altar. This would apply to shiki as we should have his normal self and then the other sides as one with Nananya as the main but when he does his arcs his 3rd personality comes out. If you have not of this version this is one that was mentioned in the drama CD who is a lot worse than Nananya.

Image result for melty blood actress again archetype earth

At least this is my idea for how they should handle the alters for the characters. Whether it be cannon or an extra version that never happens just give us two version to make everyone happy. Let me know your thoughts on it as we await both Tsukihime Remake and this.

As always thank you for reading.

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