PlayStation 5 More Powerful Than Xbox Scarlet ???

Micirosoft E3 2019 ended with us hearing how powerful Xbox Scarlet will be. Since that state developers have come forward saying that the PlayStation 5 will be more powerful than scarlet. The rumor is coming from Game Informer Andrew Reiner & former IGN journalist Colin Moriarty which both have claims that developers told them PS5 will be more powerful than scarlet. Now we don’t have names of these developers or numbers for the systems to compare as specs for both have not been fully unveiled. We have heard some of what the systems will deliver but not all so we have little to go on. Also one person pointed out that Sony was on top of the current generation until the Xbox One S which means the term most powerful console will come down to how the 2 begin and end the console cycle.

Image result for xbox scarlett


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