Kingdom Hearts III Remind DLC Nomura Info

Nomura sits down and talks about Kingdom Hearts III Remind.  Before E3 2019 we got a new trailer showing new cut scenes and playable characters. But is that all? Lets see what Nomura has to say at the moment.

  • “The part we see in the trailer isn’t a top class fight from a Limit Cut scene. There are no Limit Cut scenes shown in the trailer. The trailer mostly consists of additional scenario elements.”


  • “Sora’s Oathkeeper Keyblade and new form will be available at the same time (as the ReMIND DLC) as a free DLC.”


  • “For Limit Cut bosses, we’re aiming for somewhere around the number we saw in Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix.” (So somewhere around 13?)


  • “There will be additional scenario, Limit Cut episode and bosses, secret episode and bosses.”


  • “We still don’t have a release date, but I want to release it as soon as possible so it doesn’t come out near Final Fantasy VII Remake.”


  • “To play as Roxas, you’ll get the option to do so as you advance through the additional scenario, similar to Riku and Aqua.”


  • “The additional scenario can be enjoyed on its own after clearing the game.”



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